Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Schedule Revealed

Published on December 11th, 2012

Prepare for an “arsenal of gaiety”…what?

ArenaNet has finally revealed the schedule for ′s annual Wintersday celebrations which promise an “arsenal of gaiety” for all those who take part. A new trailer has also been released to promote the event which starts on Friday, 14th December and can be seen below.

Lions Arch will be the event’s HQ with a new PvP match type framed around chucking snowballs at your mates, and a new Bell Choir activity which is accessed by venturing inside Lion’s Arch snow globe.

Tyria’s take on Santa Clause will also be doing the rounds with Toymaker Tixx and his magical golem Toxx spreading cheer and more importantly presents around the game world. Here’s where he’ll be visiting and when:

  • 15th December – The Grove (Sylvari capital)
  • 16th December – Divinity’s Reach (Human capital)
  • 17th December – Black Citadel (Charr capital)
  • 18th December – Hoelbrak (Norn capital)
  • 19th December – Rata Sum (Asura capital)
  • 20th December – Lion’s Arch

When Toymaker Tixx visits Lion’s Arch he’ll bring about a Toypocalypse, not a typo-calypse that’s something different, with automated colourful toys attempting to take over the centre of Tyria.

This event will run until January 3rd 7:00pm CET, so there should be plenty of time to at least bag a few presents along the way.

To find out more about this event and the goodies heading to the Guild Wars 2′s in-game store, check out the sequel’s official blog.


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    Guild Wars 2: Wintersday Schedule Revealed

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