Guild Wars 2: Queen’s Jubilee Update Detailed

Published on July 30th, 2013

Lots of new content to sift through.

After sending us a delightful invite earlier today, ArenaNet has finally unveiled the specifics regarding the future Queen’s Jubliee update heading to on August 6th.

Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Update Detailed

Every MMORPG update should include hot air balloons.

The update is framed around a celebration commemorating Queen Jennah’s decade long rule of Kryta and features a multitude of new events, awards and permanent features.

Said features include the addition of a free wallet for currency and tokens to free up valuable inventory slots, solo arena-based PvP, bonus loot bags for killing Champion class enemies, a mini-game rotation system in Lion’s Arch, a new effects system which automatically lightens graphics card load during more chaotic battles, and the ability for players to assign permanent finishers to any of their characters.

Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Update Detailed

Vanquish enemies from Divinity Reach's past.

Along with these improvements, this update will also introduce a wave-based boss mode dubbed the Queen’s Gauntlet, a new combat-zone named Crown Pavilion, a special race event involving players igniting beacons before fellow competitors do the same, a special opening ceremony event attended by Queen Jennah herself, and hot air balloons to ferry explorers far and wide to Divinity’s Reach and the festivities described.

Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Update Detailed

Oh man, we're never going to get that mini-pet collection complete achievement.

On the loot front, there’s a new Watchknight mini-pet to earn if you complete all the meta achievements associated with this update, and there’s also a bunch of new recipes associated with watchwork tech to research and carry out.

As you can see it’s a pretty bulky update, so it isn’t surprising that ArenaNet are framing it around such a momentous occasion in the Guild Wars 2 fiction.

For more detailed explanations of all this new content, be sure to visit Guild Wars 2′s official website.


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    Guild Wars 2: Queens Jubilee Update Detailed

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