Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Deals Begin

Published on November 23rd, 2012

Do you have lots of locked chests like the rest of players? Then you might want to read this…

Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Deals Begin

Expect the deals to change Saturday and Sunday.

Steam, Origin, uPlay, Amazon and pretty much any other online games vendor you could care to mention is currently having their annual Thanksgiving sale, and now Guild War 2′s in-game store has joined in the festivities.

On behalf of all Europeans we’d like to point out that we have no idea what all this Thanksgiving madness is all about, we think it’s something to do with Pumpkin Pie, turkeys and American Football, but if that means we can snap up some game-related bargains then so be it.

′s in-game Gem Store has three deals going on at the moment and they’re detailed below:

  • 50% off 25 keys to unlock Black Lion chests – 1560 gems (Just under a £17.00 value)
  • 60% off 5 Black Lion Express Items which summon merchants to you anywhere in the world – 50 gems (around 70p)
  • 40% off Transmutation stones, an item which combines the stats of one weapon with the looks of another – 120 gems (around £2)

New deals will be added to the in-game store Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re still playing Guild Wars 2 you may want to snap up a bargain.

If you haven’t played ArenaNet’s one-time fee MMORPG yet, then you’ll also be interested to know that the Digital Deluxe Edition of the sequel is currently available for £49.99 rather than the usual price of £64.99. That still seems a ludicrous amount of money to us, but hey what do we know?


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    Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Deals Begin

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