Glitch Closed But Not Forgotten

Published on December 10th, 2012

Fans say goodbye to Tiny Speck’s side-scrolling MMORPG, but all hope is not lost.

Glitch Closed But Not Forgotten

Lots of hugs were had by all.

After over a year in service, the side-scrolling MMORPG shut its doors for the final time yesterday evening.

Tiny Speck’s imaginative release was certainly one of the most original online-only games out there with a emphasis on crafting and social interaction rather than repetitive grinding and a linear narrative.

Thousands of gamers were there to give Glitch the send off it deserved and efforts are currently in motion to preserve certain aspects of the game for generations to come.

Glitch Closed But Not Forgotten

Glitch may be gone, but parts of the game will live on.

Crowd-funding service IndieGoGo currently has two projects associated with Glitch. The first is from the game’s art director ‘Brent K’ who is working on wrapping all of Tiny Speck’s art into a glossy hardback book and the second comes from Glitch’s soundtrack maestro ‘Danny’ who is not only collating the game’s music into a two disc set but he’s also expanding on it with new compositions. Incidentally both projects have already far surpassed their funding goals, and both have over a month left to go before their funding window closes, so there’s still time to put some money down.

It’s always sad to see any piece of game history fade into the night, but with initiatives like this at least some elements of Glitch will be preserved for the future.


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    Glitch Closed But Not Forgotten

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