New Defiance Trailer Shows The Joys of Co-op

Published on January 10th, 2013

Trion Worlds show off the explosive potential of their shooter MMO.

is probably one of the most ambitious game endeavours to be attempted this year. The shooter MMO will have components which tie directly into a SyFy-made TV show of the same name, and today a brand new trailer was released for Trion World’s part of the transmedia equation.

Bluergh! We still don’t feel comfortable using the ‘transmedia’ term, but thankfully Defiance the game looks good enough to stand proudly on its own as a fine piece of interactive entertainment.

We’ve also attached the second trailer for the accompanying TV show which is set to debut this coming April. Enjoy!

This kind of partnership between a developer and a television network is exciting whichever way you look at it, and even though both Defiance the show and Defiance the game still have a lot to prove the fact that they exist at all is fascinating enough.

Expect to see and hear plenty more about Trion World’s lastest endeavour in 2013.


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    New Defiance Trailer Shows The Joys of Co op

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