ArenaNet shows off New High Level Guild Wars 2 Dungeon

Published on November 14th, 2012

Introducing Fractals of the Mists…

No MMORPG is feature complete at launch and wasn’t the exception to that rule when it was unleashed earlier this year.

ArenaNet shows off New High Level Guild Wars 2 Dungeon

Floating cubes will be the least of your worries.

Today ArenaNet has revealed one of those missing components is indeed coming to their acclaimed sequel, a new high level dungeon dubbed, ‘Fractals of the Mists.’

The new content was revealed in a dedicated community blog which described the content as a random sequence of mini-dungeons, each of which is framed in the context of Guild Wars’ history. Even if you don’t have a level 80 character to sample this new content you can sidekick with someone to boost your level, but rest assured this is still a very challenging piece of content. In fact the more times you complete this dungeon the harder it’ll get according to ArenaNet, so be sure to to get a good troop together before mounting up.

Take a look at the new content for yourself in this brief yet impressive gameplay trailer…


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    ArenaNet shows off New High Level Guild Wars 2 Dungeon

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