TERA Free-to-Play Date Announced

Published on January 30th, 2013

Play Bluehole’s beautiful MMORPG for free from February 5th.

TERA Free to Play Date Announced

's 'charms' are well known at this point.

Gameforge has finally confirmed the official date TERA will go free-to-play in Europe, and it’s startlingly soon.

TERA will go free-to-play on Tuesday, February 5th, with the playerbase being split between Free and Veteran users. We’ve explained the transition in more detail here, but the long and short of it is that both sets of players will get in-game bonuses with the option for all players to subscribe to the TERA Club by paying 12.95 EUR a month.

The TERA club will be warrant its existence by offering mounts, daily bonuses, XP boosters and other items which will also sold via the in-game item shop.

To find out more about TERA, check out the game’s official website.

What will you be doing come February 5th, will you be tempted by TERA or will you just play something else? We’re genuinely intrigued to know…


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    TERA Free to Play Date Announced

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