SEGA Acquires Persona Developer Atlus

Published on September 18th, 2013

Developer behind cult hits and Catherine under new ownership.

Overnight SEGA has acquired the acclaimed Japanese studio/publisher along with all its intellectual properties, which include the Megami Tensei, Persona and Etrian Odyssey series.

SEGA Acquires Persona Developer Atlus

Don't worry Persona gang, you're in good hands - probably.

The ownership transfer is all part of SEGA buying up struggling mobile software company Index who prior to this ¥14 billion deal owned Atlus lock, stock and barrel.

This development should result in more Atlus releases hopefully making their way into European stores as SEGA has a history of bringing more left field releases like Valkyria Chronicles to our hostile shores. The deal between SEGA and Index isn’t set to be completed until Friday, 1st November, so don’t expect results immediately.

SEGA Acquires Persona Developer Atlus

Valkyria Chronicles is still one of favourite titles released this generation.

SEGA has made some very astute acquisitions over the past year including Company of Heroes developer, Relic Entertainment. The publisher’s portfolio is expanding into very exciting territory. We really hope today’s acquisition leads to more quality Japanese releases heading to Western shores in a timely fashion.

Oh and before we forget, Valkyria Chronicles is really rather good. You should probably go play that or something…

Source: SEGA Press Release

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    SEGA Acquires Persona Developer Atlus

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