SEGA to Buy Up Relic Entertainment?

Published on January 23rd, 2013

And other tales from the auction…

SEGA to Buy Up Relic Entertainment?

Relic's previous work on Warhammer 40k, Space Marine and Dawn of War, would appeal to any publisher.

Despite the auction of THQ’s assets taking place behind closed doors with limited access to outsiders, especially press, word has begun to trickle out regarding who may have purchased the bankrupt publisher’s most valuable commodities – namely studios and licenses.

According to posts from folks on the ever popular forum NeoGAF, is the highest bidder for Company of Heroes and Dawn of War developers and Dead Island publisher Koch Media has snapped up Red Faction and Saints Row makers Volition Inc.

If these unsubstantiated and unverified reports are true then that would leave a considerable number of THQ assets on the table, including THQ Montreal and Vigal Games, makers of Darksiders.

Interestingly South Park: The Stick of Truth is currently stuck in legal limbo with South Park Studios trying to wrangle back the license from THQ, due to the defunct publisher withholding fees from the rights holder.

Obviously a lot of the finer details are up in the air at the moment, but a statement regarding the future of THQ and its assets will be made public later this evening – so keep an eye out for a more declarative story around 5pm GMT.

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    SEGA to Buy Up Relic Entertainment?

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