UFC Undisputed 2010 – The Clinch

Published on May 12th, 2010

You’ll see the system has been completely reworked for . Whereas in the previous game it was aUFC Undisputed 2010   The Clinchcumbersome way to execute a takedown or a cheap way to knock someone out, not anymore. Now you can use the clinch to wear out an opponent’s stamina, trap them against the cage, throw them to the mat or attack them with knees and elbows. Here’s how…

There are two ways to execute a clinch – pushing towards an opponent with the RIGHT STICK, or pushign towards an opponent with the LEFT BUMPER (L1) and the RIGHT STICK. The former executes ‘double underhooks’ – two arms around the waist below your opponent’s arms. The L1 version goes for a ‘single collar tie up’ – a more aggressive striking-based clinch.

From either position, you can work to one of the other clinch positions in the same way as you would transition on the ground. Quarter circles on the right stick. The key to success if you want to throw an opponent is achieving double underhooks. the key to success if you want to strike is either the single collar clinch, or Muay Thai clinch (two hands around the neck). If your opponent has you in a clinch, ‘pummel’ with quarter circles until you get into one of these two advantageous positions, then you can attack or push away by clicking the left stick.

Be wary of your stamina, though. Constant pummelling is exhausting and you can easily wear yourself out by working for position. Equally, if you’re trapped against the cage, lean towards your opponent with the right stick to free yourself, or you’re in big trouble.

There are special moves possible from the clinch depending on who you’re using. Dustin Hazelett, for example, can execute a spectacular flying armbar by hitting Left Bumper and clicking the Right Stick. can devastate with violent knees by getting to Thai Clinch, then holding Left Bumper, executing a quarter circle on the right stick and hitting A or B (X or O). There’s plenty of room for experimentation.

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    UFC Undisputed 2010   The Clinch

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    1. Posted by Adam on August 6th, 2010, 08:23

      Every time Anderson silva gets a mui tai clinch. I can never get out of it what r the best ways to get out of the clinch

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