Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Boss Guide Part 1

Published on June 24th, 2010

Welcome to the first of a three part guide to Super Galaxy 2′s bosses.

In this first part we’ll talk you through boss encounters in the first two worlds including the first encounters with Bowser Jr. and King Bowser and some more troublesome foes along the way. Let’s a go!

World 1

Sky Station Galaxy –  Peewee Piranha’s Temper Tantrum – Peewee Piranha

Launching Mario onto this planetoid wakes up a PeeWee Piranha. Sprouting a head and legs, its tongue dangling from its drooling mouth, adorable isn’t it?

As he begins to chase Mario, quickly move to the side of him and swoop around to perform a spin attack on his shell. Continue to chip away at his shell and eventually the entire thing will smash revealing an orange-red glowing backside. Embarrassed, PeeWee will make a run for it, either catch up to him or stand still and wait for PeeWee to make a round trip, whatever you do, give that that sore bottom a smack.

Shamed and embarrassed, PeeWee should now be fuming with anger, growing a new shell and letting out an almighty screech. Now faster than before, you’ll have to repeat yourself and start taking chunks out of his shell. This shouldn’t take too long and once his fleshy exterior is exposed, another smack should see PeeWee to sleep and you in possession of a new star.

Yoshi Star Galaxy – Spiny Control – Thunder Lakitu

As dark clouds surround a lonely platform, our next foe makes his presence known. Meet Thunder Lakitu, plumped on a cloud and armed with Spiny’s, the trick here is to be patient and accurate.

Keeping his distance, Lakitu will throw Spiny’s at you. Use Yoshi’s tongue attack to snap these up and fire them back at Lakitu. After this, Thunder Lakitu will perform a thunder attack which will bring him to the platform to storm in a straight line across it.

Now a little more aggressive, Lakitu will throw more Spiny’s your way so the sooner you spit one back at him the better. Try not to get overwhelmed and if possible focus on not losing your Yoshi by taking any hits.

Another hit will see Thunder Lakitu keep a greater distance from you and throw up to four Spiny’s at once. Leave it too long before spiting another back at him and he will storm the platform with thunder.

Knock him out a third time and the clouds will clear and the next star will be yours.

Spin Dig Galaxy – Digga-Leg’s Planet – Digga-Leg

After exploring the Spin Dig Galaxy and getting acquainted with new power up, the Drill Bit, it’s time to meet our next foe.

You may have noticed that the body of Digga-Let has two  key components, the mechanical drill part and the vulnerable area housing a star. Start by running left or right and nabbing yourself a drill bit. Digga-Let’s first move will be to ground pound that dispatches a small enemy that you can ignore and allow Digga-Leg to stomp on or jump on him yourself.

Now play the waiting game, positioning yourself directly opposite Digga-Leg’s switching body so that when he exposes his glassy body, you’ll be ready to strike.

Repeat this process and after three hits, that star will be yours.

Bowser Jr. Fiery Flotila – Gobbleguts Aching Belly – Gogglegut

Upon landing on a dark brown comet, Bowser Jr. will swoop in his own travelling hub. But it isn’t Bowser Jr. we’ll be facing off against today. Meet Gobblegut, a large dragon who boars through the planet to pass through it.

He has two methods of attack. The first is to chase after you running his mouth along the surface of the planet, it’s easy to avoid as long as you stay on the move. The second is to drill into the planet and resurface elsewhere. This is when you strike.

Along the length of his body are plump red spots which take a while to fit into the holes that Gobblegut digs for himself. Simply stand by the area which he entered and hit each red bulb with a spin attack as they pass by.

You don’t have to hit them in succession or in one attempt, just take your time and keep an eye on Gobblegut in case he attacks again. Do this successfully and a dazed and confused Gobblebut with become enraged attacking much fast then before.

Repeat as before but be more aware of Gobbleguts attacks when you’re trying to hit the red bulbs on his body. Hit another three and the Grand Star will be yours.

World 2

Puzzle Plank Galaxy – Bugaboom Returns – Bugaboom

If you’re familiar with this boss from the original Mario Galaxy then this should be a breeze. Make sure you’re loaded up with clouds and man yourself by one of those springs. Hop on and wait for Bugaboom to make his rounds, when he’s nearby, launch yourself above him (use the clouds if you need to) and stomp on his back.

After one hit, Bugaboom will take flight and start dropping bombs along his path. Again, load yourself up with clouds and start bouncing on the spring. When he’s nearby, stomp on the spring to give yourself some extra height and spin out a cloud, when he zooms under you, jump and do another stomp on his back.

Now time to deliver the finishing blow. Repeat the process above but be patient as Bugaboom will on occasions fly sideways making him impossible to stomp. Just be patient and keep yourself in the air above him.

Boulder Bowl Galaxy – Rock and Rollodillo – Rollodillo

After getting yourself acquainted with the rock dash power-up, it’s time to meet a new boss Rollodillo.

First things first, dodge out of the Rollodillo’s way and grab yourself a Rock Mushroom. Next step is to allow his to charge again, dodge this and then use a spin attack to become an unstoppable golem and aim straight for his blue backside. Hit him in the face and you’ll love a portion of your life and your power-up.

Angered, Rollodillo will curl into a ball and zoom around the cage like planet. Not the best idea as by the time he has finished he’ll be in a dazed state leaving you enough time to roll up and unleash another attack on his behind.

Rollodillo will repeat this process only this time he’ll change direction spin so keep your wits about you and hit him two more times.

Bowser’s Lava Lair – Bowser’s Big Lava Power Party – Bowser

This will be your first of many battles against a very large Bowser. Too big to even fight you on the planet, Bowser’s roar will hail three comets to crash into the planet. Avoid their crashes and then watch out for Bowser who is charging up a punch which will force the comets out of the planet.

Once they’ve been released, run onto one of them and ground stomp it to fire it at Bowser. This can be a bit fiddly, you need to know which comet you’re going to jump on preferably before Bowser does his punch so stay close to it without allowing Bowser to punch it or more importantly punch you. When the comet has been freed, aim carefully. The star logo on the comet is always a safe bet but often requires a little fine tuning otherwise you could send the comet off course.

Repeat this one more time and Bowser will stop to let out an almighty roar! After the comets have fallen again, Bowser will chase you around the planet with his fire breath but this is not too difficult to avoid. After his attempt to flame you, he’ll revert to his standard methods of punching the ground allowing you to deliver two more comets to the face before he eventually gives in and the Grand Star will be yours for the taking.

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2   Boss Guide Part 1

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