Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Boss Guide Part 3

Published on July 9th, 2010

Alas, we reach the final instalment of our Boss guide. Here we’ll see more foes from the previous Mario Galaxy make their return as well as the final send off for both Bowser and his pesky sidekick.

World 5

Slipsand Galaxy – Squizzard’s Sandy Sinkhole

Squizzard is by far one of the more interesting looking bosses you’ll come across in Mario Galaxy 2 and quite frankly one of the easiest. First, go and nab yourself a fire flower and then position yourself directly in front of him.

He’ll throw a rock or two but just spin these and watch for his mouth. When it opens unleash as many fireballs as you can before it’s too much for the poor guy to handle. His second assault will see Squizzard use spike balls which can be destroyed by fire ball attacks. When his mouth is open, you know what to do.

This third wave can be a bit troublesome. Start by taking out the turrets with a single fireball each. Then ready a backflip as he flings two bombs at your position. As they hit flip back and spin to begin an assault of fireballs directly into Squizzard’s mouth. Do this quickly because he won’t keep his gob open for long.

Remember to keep an eye on your suit and make sure you top up your Fire Flower power regularly.

Shiverburn Galaxy – Prince Pikante’s Peppery Mood.

Remember this guy? Fans of the last Galaxy title should recognise this foe. Packed into a tank on wheels, Pikante’s a little faster this time round. Start by avoiding his charges and watch for his burst attacks in which he fires around three to six projectiles at once. One of those projectiles will be a coconut which you can deflect with a spin attack.

Continue to deflect his coconut projectiles whilst avoiding his lava pools. The best method of getting around quickly is to use a spin attack to make Mario skate on the ice.

Bowser Jr.’s Boom Bunker – Bower Jr.’s Boomsday Machine

This one looks quite complex and to be honest, it really is. The key is to reach the top of Boswer Jr’s tower using the air jets and the cloud Mario power-up. Start by grabbing the Cloud Mario power-up whilst avoiding the the electric projectiles and lines of fireballs circling the tower.

When you’re ready, run to an air vent and spin to use your cloud which should glide upwards. If one of Bowser Jr’s projectiles hits it, it will vanish so use another, don’t worry as there’s another power-up at the top.

When you’ve reached the top, grab another power up and use the clouds to jump across to Bowser Jr. Long jump pro’s should have fun mastering this. Hope on top of the control centre and stomp like you mean it.

Doing this will cause Bowser Jr’s tower to vacuum in all of the available clouds for a short period of time. He will do this again when you’re on the highest cloud to him so don’t jump straight for him as the control centre becomes electrified for a short time. Just stay in the air and use your clouds carefully.

After this, the tower will rise to show a pair of wheels which now means the tower can move. Run to the vent most opposite of the tower and use the cloud power up to climb it. Now, whilst carefully avoiding projectiles, use your own clouds to work your way up to the higher level of clouds.

Now simple watch your step and if you have any clouds left, use them to reach Bowser Jr. and deliver a final blow. Watch out for his vacuum as this can ruin the entire process.

World 6

Throw Back Galaxy – The Return of King Twomp.

This guy is pretty miffed after the stomping you served him in Super Mario 64 so it’s time to give him another.

King Twomp is pretty slow so stay in front of him and by his feet. A red indicator will show where he plans to twomp so when he does, run through his legs and jump as he hits the ground. If you don’t jump, the shock will hold Mario for some time making it harder for him to climb King Thwomps foot and stomp on the target on his back.

After a successful hit, get off his back as soon as possible as staying on could fling you out of the boss battle. When he readies himself again, he’ll have mini twomps running around, ignore them as they will no doubt be crushed when King Twomp tries to crush you.

Repeat this two more times and you’ll have stomped this baddy into the ground for good.

Battle Belt Galaxy – Snacktime for Gobblegut

Gobblegut is back a little fierier this time. The idea is the same, wait for him to plummet into the ground and wait for his red bumps to hit them with a spin attack only this time, Goggleguts body is a flame so keep a safe distant and strike when necessary. Also keep an eye out for Lava puddles.

Bowser’s Galaxy Generator – Bowser’s Fortified Fortress

Opening with a punch line, this time the shock waves move in an array of straight lines which are easy to avoid. After a punch or two he will summon three comets all which cause shockwaves when they land and you’ll have to hit these at Bowser once more.

Four hits should do the trick but don’t start celebrating just yet. No sooner do you grab the star, Bowser will consume it, making him XXL sized Bowser once more.

The fight shall continue with you hurtling through space. As Bowser tries to catch up with you, ready yourself a comet and aim carefully. If you don’t hit him then don’t worry, just take your time and fine tune your aim. The closer he gets, the easier he is to hit. Four hits should do the trick and see Bowser off for good.

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2   Boss Guide Part 3

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