Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Boss Guide Part 2

Published on June 28th, 2010

Welcome back to our guide detailing all the large foes you’ll come across on your astral travels.

In this chapter we’ll talk you through the icy thrills of Sorbetti, a glamorous date with Glamdozer and another round with Bowser and his pesky little accomplice. Let’s continue…

World 3

Freeze Flake Galaxy – Sorbetti’s Chilly Reception – Sorbetti

Meet Sorbetti. He’s not the kind of snowman you’d want in your garden but that red nose sure is adorable isn’t it? Sorbetti will begin by rolling around the planet bumping into snow structures.

Follow his movement and when you can get close enough, spin attack on his nose. Each time he hits you, he will roll backwards to allow time for you to find coins hidden in the snow. Each time you hit him he’ll get faster so be careful especially if you’re not on six health portions.

Three hits should see his snowman into the spring.

Bowser Jr.’s Fearsome Fleet –Bowser Jr.’s Mighty Mega-Hammer – Mega Hammer

Guess who’s back. Back again. Bowser Jr. is back and equipped with a large robot called Megahammer who happens to be armed with a mega hammer. You, on the other hand, have Yoshi…

If the green dino isn’t with you already, hop onto the egg right next to you and using Yoshi’s tongue, grab one of the Bullet-Bill’s and fire it at one of the Megahammer’s blue chest pieces. Continue this pattern avoiding attacks from the hammer or larger Bullet Bill’s coming from his chest. Two or three hits should take out one of the chest pieces.

Watch out for hammer attacks which can destroy parts of the floor and also emit shock waves.

Once both blue plates have been destroyed, run either side and use a jump star to fire yourself to the other side of the ring exposing the Megahammer’s back plate which fires up to six Bullet Bill’s at once and emits a large shockwave.

Dodge the shockwave and grab a bullet bill to fire back at him. After each attack you’ll have to run around to another jump start as Megahammer will turn around. Be careful as the floor should now have gaps in-between the platforms.

Repeat this a couple of times and Bowser Jr. will expose his control station. This can be a little tricky so watch your health. After it fires two Bullet Bill’s swallow and throw one away and keep the other one. Dodge the hammer attacks which will happen twice and whilst jumping to avoid the shockwaves, fire the bullet bill at the exposed control station. Two hits should send Boswer Jr. packing.

World 4

Flipsville Galaxy – Flip-Flopping in Flipsville – Glamdozer

You’re greeted with a sleeping Glamdozer whose weak spot is her underbelly. Use the flip pads to get under her and ground stomp her belly to start the battle. The best tactic is to allow her to charge at you. When she begins charging, flip to the underside and wait for her to move over the flip panel and stomp again.

Give her a chance and she’ll spit red lava balls which cover the flip pads making them dangerous for a short period of time. Just watch her movements and flip under and back at the right time. Three hits should do the trick but be careful as later stages of Glamdozer can see her fire up to six lava balls in the space of a few seconds.

Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet – Breaking into Bowser’s Castle – Bowser

You’ll quickly learn that encounters with Bowser all play out in the same fashion. This time round, Bowser will open with a few more punches which produce shockwaves. The main difference in this battle is that most things produce shockwaves: punches and even when the comets land so watch your feet.

Exactly five hits should see Bowser back to his normal size and you one step closer to the princess.

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2   Boss Guide Part 2

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