StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty Walkthrough – Whispers Of Doom

Published on August 21st, 2010

Location: Ulaan
Enemies: Zerg Swarm
Mission Objective: Get Zeratul to all 3 shrines
Optional Objective: Destroy 3 Zerg Hatcheries
New Tech: Protoss Stalker

This mission really serves as a good introduction to the Protoss Stalker, a ranged support unit. You need to follow the pathway controlling Zeratul through the three shrines. The catch is that you only have a few units at your disposal and along the way you’ll face the Zerg swarm. Zerg is cloaked and can’t be seen unless you go near to a detection unit. If he dies you lose, so stay away from Overseers and Spore Crawlers. He also has a blink ability allowing him to teleport which you can use to cross chasms. This will be explained to you so you’ll know when to first use it. Just follow the path, take out the zerg and warp across the chasm.

Keep moving forward and you’ll be told about the Void Prison ability which allows you to zap and suppress the detection skills of the spore crawlers. Whenever you use this, make sure you finish the job when its stunned by killing the crawler. Be careful when switching to the other units as you won’t see the telltale signs of detection! Switch back to Zeratul frequently during this mission to check.

You’ll see an Ultralisk with a spore crawler by it. Use Void Prison to get rid of it and continue taking out the Zerg along the way.Warp across another chasm and you’ll come to an Overseer.Use Void Prison on the overseer and warp across the chasm and head for the glowing beacon – the first shrine.

Warp across another chasm and you’ll be on an island where four Stalker will come to help you out. They’ll see off the Mutalisks in this area with ease. You’ll discover that these Stalkers can also blink across chasms, so group them all together and warp across the next chasm. When you see the Overseer again, blind it with Void Prison and then let your Stalkers gun it down. Take out the Hydralisks with Zeratul.

Moving forward you’ll come across a spore crawler and flying mutalisks. Use Stalkers to kill the Mutalisk and Zeratul to inflict Void Prison on the crawler, before using your units to destroy it. so that you can move forward. Move ahead and Zeratul will remark about the Brood Lords up ahead. Attack the Brood Lords one at a time, using Zeratul’s Void Prison ability followed by the Stalkers fire power to shoot them. You’ll get new Stalkers after this section so don’t worry if you lose one in the battle.

Press forward and you’ll be faced with an aerial threat from Zerg flyers. Once again use Zeratuks’ Void Prison to zap the Overseer and then the Stalkers to see it off. The Stalkers should also take down the Zerg flyers. Use the blink ability to enter the base, making sure the Overseer has been destroyed so that you remain undetected. You should be able to get to the second shrine easily enough.

To reach the final shrine, you’re getting face pretty much the same scenarios. Blink to cross chasms, reach platforms and stay out of the way of gun-fire. Use Void Prison to stun spore crawlers and Overseers as a priority and use the Stalkers to take out Mutalisks. Remember to group the Stalkers together to blink them across a gap. Reinforcements will soon arrive resulting in a chaotic battle. You can’t control the new forces, so place your Stalkers behind them and using them as support taking out the aerial threat. Head to high ground when you get prompted and lay down fire from a safe point. When you get to the final shrine you’ll have two minutes to get to your ship.

Check your mini-map for arrows that point you in the right direction and don’t bother to stop along the way. Just keep running and using blink to get past any obstacles.

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    StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty Walkthrough   Whispers Of Doom

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