StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty Walkthrough – Piercing The Shroud

Published on August 20th, 2010

Mission: Piercing the Shroud
Location: Castanar
Enemies: Terran Dominion
Mission Objective: Investigate the Dominion Lab, Destroy the fusion reactor, Escape from the Hybrid
Optional Objective: Find 4 Protoss Relics, Kill the Brutalisk
New Tech:None

The Mission Begins
In this mission there is no base building. Instead, you’ll play with Raynor and some of his troops. You first need to hack the security consoles. Place a breaching charge on the door and make sure you move out the way. Blow it to pieces and move through the door. You’ll have to take out a few soldiers before moving to the glowing beacon. At the top right of the screen you can now access the security cameras. You’ll get a choice here to Activate Left Side Guns or the Right Side ones. Having tried both, we can’t see that it makes any difference which one you choose. As soon as you make the choice move in and attack!

Keep moving until you reach Lab1 where you’ll face a Zerg Swarm. Look at where they’re spawning from and concentrate your fire on this area. Once cleared you’ll need another breaching charge to blast through the door. Keep moving through and you’ll come to some grenades which are very effective in battle. Whenever you see a large group (3 or more) of enemies toss a grenade their way and you’ll tear them to pieces. As you press forward there’s a few guards to contend with before you reach the next glowing beacon. Stand in in and activate the security camera. You’re now given another choice. Do you release 17 Zealots, 65 Zerglings, or 4 Ultralisks. Once again, the only real difference is the visual effect that changes depending on which unit you choose. Once you’ve made the decision make sure you join in the battle too for extra fire power.

Move through into the next room and place a breaching charge on the door and you’ll find a Plasma Gun. Go back out the room and down the corridor with Plasma gun in hand. Head down the corridor and into the hall. Use your plasma gun on Vikings and Siege tanks and remember you’ve got your grenades for large groups of troops. Head for the glowing beacon again and activate the cameras. You’ll get control of the ARES robot now. Just click on it to control and use its powerful weapons. keep any eye out for explosive barrels here and you’ll get the job done more quickly.

Head west and smash through the Vikings (plasma gun) until you reach another glowing beacon. Activate the security camera and you can now summon more reinforcements. Smack a breaching charge on the next door, you’re about to face a Brutalisk. Before you release the Brutalisk, by accessing the control panel, it’s worth clearing out the entire room so you can focus your efforts fully on it and unlock the bonus objective. There’s plenty of ammo scattered around this area. When you enter the glowing beacon in this room you get the choice to Release and Kill or Leave the Brutalisk. Kill it if you want the objective.

Now head to the door on the North side and blow your way through it. Lob a grenade inside the room, clear it off enemies and then take out the reactor to unleash a Zerg/Protoss hybrid monster. Get ready to leg it! You can’t beat him, he will kill you if you try. Make your way back out through the rooms and corridors. Keep blasting away, using grenades, plasma gun, to tackle any enemies that you meet, but when you see the monster run for it. Be prepared with your breaching charges to blast a way through any fallen debris when it looks like you can’t move forward. Keep going until you reach the bottom of the map. Phew…narrow escape!

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    StarCraft II Wings Of Liberty Walkthrough   Piercing The Shroud

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