Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Summary | Sith Inquisitor

Published on December 24th, 2011

To give you a bit more into the Sith Inquisitor class before taking the plunge we’ve put together a guide containing information pertaining to skills, planet location, class story and where this class fits into the wider MMO scene. There isn’t a ton of information here, but it may prove useful to those who are unsure whether to take the plunge. It’s important to note that there are a few spoilers in here.

Sith Inquisitor:

  • Faction: Sith Empire

    Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Summary | Sith Inquisitor

    Darth Maul fans should roll as a Sith Inq.

  • Description: Melee-based class which has the ability to cast magic attacks including lightning.
  • Weapons: Dual-bladed and single-bladed lightsabers, as well as vibroblades
  • Starter World: Korriban before moving onto Dromund Kaas, then you unlock your own ship.
  • Class story: Compete with other hopefuls to become an apprentice of a powerful and high-ranking Sith official
  • Starship: Fury – looks like a tie fighter mixed with a Corellian cruiser.


  • Assassin – stealth archetype which sacrifices some power with the Force in order to gain better hand-to-hand combat efficiency and the ability to dual-wield single-bladed lightsabers.
  • Sorcerer – dual-bladed lightsaber user which specialises in Force manipulation. Described by the community as a warrior mage as this class specialisation can absorb a great deal of damage as well as cast out very damaging area of effect spells. Also able to cast healing spells.

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Summary | Sith Inquisitor

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