Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough – Level Six: White Box Laboratories

Published on April 15th, 2010

There are many different ways to play through . This walkthrough is how we played the game, but there are many other strategies that you could follow. This part of our Walkthrough covers level six, .

Using Coste`s information, Sam infiltrates this highly secure facility to find out more about the EMP plot. While there, Sam steals data from Black Arrow operative Robertson that Grim can analyze to find out what`s going on. To hold up her end of the deal, Grim finally proves to Sam that his daughter, Sarah, is alive. Her location, however, remains a mystery.

1) Infiltrate the building
2) Access the building’s monitoring system
3) Investigate the lab
4) Question the remaining scientist
5) Access the computer
6) Trigger the EMP

You have immediate access to a weapon stash. EMP and Frag grenades will come in useless in this level. This is a good time to invest in Flash Bang Grenades if you haven’t already done so as you’ll come across a lot of enemies, often in groups. First up you need to infiltrate the building. Get to the first piece of cover. From here you’ll see a guard who will move into the hut when you move forward. Use the cover to cover system to move between the first and second piece of cover and then move down the left hand side. Hop over the gate, you don’t have to kill him if you don’t want to. Move towards the building. All the doors are closed so shimmy up the drainpipe on the left hand side of the building. Pull yourself up onto the roof and the grab onto the next ledge to get even higher. You can make your way to the top of the building by shimmying up another drainpipe. You’ll find a pathway by moving across ledges going right, until you reach a platform where there is a door. You can’t get through there sadly so it’s more pipe climbing until you get to a room with loads of pipes!

Follow the pathway around the room, hopping over a few pipes before going down the stairs. You can’t get lost, if you follow the objective marker it’s a linear path. Keep going right to the bottom until you reach the security room. Shoot the light outside the room and then bash the door in. You can let the goons come out one at a time and eliminate them. Investigate the monitor on the right hand side of the room. Change the camera by pressing the d-pad to hear some banter by the people you’re watching. Cycle through all the cameras until you see a scene with some armed men talking to scientists in white jackets. You’ll have to watch the scene until you can get back to the security room.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough   Level Six: White Box Laboratories

Death From Above, just one of the many ways to kill enemies

Once back in the room, take the only other door out of the room and follow the corridor around to the right. Time to rescue the scientist! Jump down from the window into the room. There’s four or five guards dotted around the room. There’s plenty of places for cover and there’s a pipe on the wall opposite where you enter which you can climb up and execute Death from Above kills. Once you’ve eliminated them all move to door where it says “Question The Scientist” and speak to the man outside. The door will open, time to head for Robertson’s office. Activate the lift and head upstairs. In the next room you’ll be able to access the weapon stash and you’ll also unlock the sticky camera which can be attached to anything it touches and also made to explode. There’s a door right behind the weapon stash which leads to a room that is free from enemies. You can take refuge in here and use your mirror to peak under the door on the opposite side of the room where you’ll see the guards. You can mark them to execute.

Move through into the next room and head right. Move down to the end of the room where you’ll see a light switch, turn it off and guard will come to turn it back on again. If you hide around the corner you can execute a hand-to-hand takedown when he approaches. Head up the stairs and take out the lights. There’s about four guards here to get rid off, but there’s plenty of cover spots. If you’ve been using hand-to-hand takedowns you should be able to mark and execute a few of the guards. Climb up the drainpipe to the next area where you’ll see four guards waiting for you take the stairs up. A well placed frag or EMP grenade should help you clear them out. It’s also a good opportunity to get a few headshots. Head for the office on the far side of the room where you’ll find a weapon stash. Move into the room behind the weapon stash and you’ll trigger a short audio sequence. Move to the only door in the office that you can open and peak under it. You’ll see a guard patrolling the corridor. It’s safe to open it because you’ll be in the dark. The guard should be standing with his back to you as you approach so you can execute a silent takedown. There are two more guards at the end of the corridor. Mark and execute. Two more guards will arrive. Chuck an EMP grenade in to stun them and move in to execute. There are a number of windows on this level from where you can climb out and perform ledge kills.

Move through the room, out of the door and onto the balcony where you’ll find a pipe that you can climb. All of the doors to Robertson’s office are closed so you’ll need to climb this pipe right the way across to access a new room on the next level. When you drop down from the pipe you’ll encounter a few more guards, switch the lights off for cover. You could chuck a frag in, stun them with EMP, or use the sticky camera for the first time and set it to explode. Follow the corridor around to the right until you spot another open room with guards patrolling. You could let them see you and drop a remote mine as you move back. Set it off when they all follow you. Move through the room until you reach the double locked doors. You can peak underneath to see the three guards. Mark them if you can, open the door and execute. Clear the room and push forward toward the pipe at the far end of the room.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough   Level Six: White Box Laboratories

Hand-to-hand takedowns silent but deadly

Climb the pipe and then slide down another one into Robertson’s room. You’ll find a weapon stash to upgrade. Access the computer. Get ready to defend a few waves of attacks as guards descend on your position. Use the pipes above the computer. You can score some points here for Death from Above kills. After each wave go back up the pipe where you’ll have a prime position over your targets. The enemies will emerge from the lifts and the two far doors. Once you’ve defended successfully you’ll have to ‘stop the trace.’ Follow the objective marker down the stairs and down the pipe. Once you reach the room where the EMP is stored you’ll have a lot of guards to contend with. Now’s the time to use mark and execute as well as throw down a few grenades, or EMP grenades and get close. Watch out for these guys throwing grenades at you. Make your way through the warehouse to the far end. If you move down the right hand side there are some dark spots to hide. You can make it through without killing most of the guards. Climb up the stairs and activate the computer. Now you need to escape the building.

Head back to where you just came from and take cover half way down the warehouse and prepare for the onslaught. If you take cover on the right hand side the guards will run straight past you. As you get outside hide behind the right hand side of the lorry and wait for the guard to come your way. Use the portable EMP, you’ll shock him and can the execute him. You’ll also take out the lights so the other guys can’t hear you. Make a dash for your car! Job done.

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    Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough   Level Six: White Box Laboratories

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    1. Posted by Kelly King on May 16th, 2010, 17:49

      Hey, just thought I’d share a tip I found handy. When you go into the EMP room, the door shuts behind you and all the lights go on, making it tricky to hide. What I did was stay just on the edge of the door and shot as many lights as I could reach, then when I went through the door and it shut behind me, voila, no light :D Made things a bit easier.

    2. Posted by nathan on June 25th, 2010, 09:32

      You can climb up the pole and execute the two guards and drop on top of the one that’s standing underneath you

    3. Posted by Ted2410 on April 10th, 2012, 12:29

      For me when i look on the cameras in the garage there is only two scientists that are stuck doing the same thing and it keeps on happening even if i restart the level. Help me please

    4. Posted by psp iso download on November 13th, 2012, 13:59

      after defending the computer ,on “stop the trace” ,how do i climb down on that white room?every time i jump down it always get sam fisher killed…it really drive me crazy..i looked around there is pipe or something to climb down…the only option i had just “drop” and that instant killed..please help me ..i want to finish this game

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