Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough – Level Five: Washington Monument

Published on April 14th, 2010

There are many different ways to play through . This walkthrough is how we played the game, but there are many other strategies you can follow. In this part of our Walkthrough we look at level five, .

Coste has some intel that Sam can use, so they agree to meet in person. However, someone’s got surveillance on Coste at the meetpoint, so Sam must eliminate the tails before they can connect. Coste gives Sam some information about strange dealings at a local R&D house –one that works on military applications for EMPs. With the tails disabled, enemy backup arrives and tries to trap Sam, but it’s too late. He has a direction –and a target.


1) Question and eliminate the tails following Coste without raising the alarm
2) Meet Coste in the booth at the base of the monument
3) Escape through the site and get back to your car

You need to stick to the dark areas, you don’t want any civilians catching you in the act of murder. The targets are scattered around the fair ground and can be found by following the three ‘X’s. You’ll need to follow the targets keeping a distance from them and pressing B to interrogate them when no-one is around. You’ll fail the mission if you interrogate them in the light. Get too close to these men in black and they’ll take out their pistols, shoot you and call you a “bitch” for your troubles. The back of the hotdog stand is a good place to attack one of them If you do fail after the first kill, thankfully it saves just after that point so you don’t have to keep doing them again. One target will stop just outside of the Hot Churros stall. You can get behind in the dark and drag him to the side of the stall to interrogate. The final guy will walk behind “The Royal Seventh” stall which is clothed in darkness. Attack him here. Of course you may encounter these three targets in a different order. Now it’s time to meet Coste in the monument.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough   Level Five: Washington Monument

Use the environment to interrogate targets.

Follow the objective marker to the entrance of the monument. You won’t be able to get in through the front door, it will be blocked, so enter through the side door. Coste will give you a backpack. You’ve now got your pistol and some remote mines which can be attached to objects and then detonated remotely. You’ll now have access to a portable EMP device which can stun people in your vicinity. You can move between them using the d-pad. Head back toward the fairground which has now been evacuated and is riddled with armed guards. You can burst through the first set of guards by setting off your portable EMP to temporarily stun them. If you use your portable EMP 10 times you’ll complete a PEC challenge in the process, which as you should know by now, will give you extra points to upgrade. Keep to the right of the fairground. There are dark spots to hide in so use these to assess the path ahead. Going right you’ll have to go past more guards which are unavoidable. For this next section, we planted a remote mine and then took a headshot at one of the armed guards. The rest came toward the remote mine which we then blew up. Moving down the right hand side of the fairground there’s only one way to go. Before you crawl under the trailer you can execute the guard standing just to the left easily with hand-to-hand takedown.

Go through the opening and you’ll find yourself behind the counter of the Water Shoot game, with three guards straight in front of you. If you’ve been performing silent takedowns in this level you should be able to mark and execute all three of them for a safe passage forward. Jump over the counter and then move along the right hand side of the Pirate ship toward the objective marker. Hop over the fence and you should be able to hand-to-hand takedown the first of the three guards and then move back into the shadows. You can leave the other two guards, but it’s worth noting that if you make any noise or get seen during the next section, the guards that you left alive will join the hunt for you. Follow the objective marker and get behind cover at the entrance to the carpark where you’ll see a handful of guards patrolling. Move down the left hand side and shoot out the street lamp for cover. We marked and executed three of the guys and then head-shot the last guard. Bear in mind, if you didn’t elimate the two guards from before they’ll now come after you, so move from your last position. You can also start off a car alarm here as a distraction. Follow the objective marker and jump into your car. A short cut-scene follows.

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    Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough   Level Five: Washington Monument

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