Splinter Cell Conviction – Beginners Tips And Strategies

Published on April 22nd, 2010

Just picked up your copy of ? Then look no further than our beginner’s guide where you’ll find some tips and on how to beat the bad guys.

When the screen turns black and white you’re invisible to enemies. Use the shadows at every opportunity, to disappear when spotted or to sneak up behind the bad guys.

A white detection arc indicates an enemy that is about to detect you. When it turns red, you’ve been spotted.

If you crouch, or use moves such as cover to cover, you are stealthier.

Splinter Cell Conviction   Beginners Tips And Strategies

A gun without a sound suppressor will alert other guards

Use your mirror to peak under every door. You never know who’s standing behind it. If there’s someone directly behind bash it open and you’ll kill him. If he’s with company be prepared to run.

Use weapons with silencers to avoid being detected.

Flank your enemies to gain a tactical advantage, or create a diversion with one of your gadgets to sneak past unnoticed.

Look out for large suspended objects, such as chandeliers. You can shoot them, to drop them on the enemies below and create a massive distraction. They are a great way to even the odds when you’re facing a large number of enemies.

When indoors always be on the look-out for light switches dotted around the buildings. Turn off lights to provide cover. This is much simply than shooting them out, which will often alert guards to your position.

Mark And Execute is an great move to use when you’re severely outnumbered, but don’t forget you need to have taken down some enemies with hand-to hand takedowns before you’re afforded with the luxury of this feature. Some weapons also allow you to mark more guards. Examine the various weapons in the weapon stash boxes for details.

Enemies, dynamic traps and explosives alike can be marked, but only in limited number (depending the type of weapon)

Splinter Cell Conviction   Beginners Tips And Strategies

Hand-to-hand takedowns earn Mark And Execute points

The Last Known Position (LKP) allows to visualise the last place Sam has been spotted by the enemy. You can then play cat-and-mouse with the enemies. Use it to your tactical advantage to flank the enemy or avoid conflict completely

Once you have been detected, the LKP is automatically generated when you break line of sight from your enemies.

Always try to flank away from your LKP. The enemies expect you to be there, so if you engage them from that position they will rapidly injure and kill you.

The enemies will eventually throw grenades at the LKP, flank and charge it, and once they validate you aren’t there, enter into a search mode. This is a great opportunity for you to hit them from the flanks.

Completing PEC challenges earns points which you can spend upgrading your weapons and gadgets, or unlocking uniforms and accessories for the Deniable Ops mode.

Check your PEC Challenges in the main menu often. The game can be clocked in around 6 hours so it’s easy for opportunities to complete the challenges to pass you by. At the beginning of each section when you’re faced with eliminating the enemy, check your PEC Challenges and set yourself some tasks.

You can change the difficulty of the game at any time. If you’re really up against it, just switch it in the main menu

You can check out the complete walkthrough of Splinter Cell Conviction here.

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    Splinter Cell Conviction   Beginners Tips And Strategies

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