Skirmish Marks and Bounty

Published on January 20th, 2010

When you , you’ll earn Marks (Footman’s Mark, Veteran Footman’s Mark, First Mark, etc) and sometimes a Bounty. What are they?

The Footman’s Marks can be traded for Skirmish Marks and therefore used to upgrade your ally. It’s not apparent how you do this, or covered in the game tutorial. Take the Marks to a Curiosities trader at a Skirmish camp. The trade in for marks is not on the first page – the marks you’re likely to get to start with are on the third page. UPDATE: There is a now a “Skirmish Exchange” NPC at each camp that can exchange these for you. Confusing if you’d got used to the Curiosities Trader, more sensible if you’ve not skirmished before. Double click or select and click on Trade.

Skirmish Marks and Bounty

First Marks and Footman Marks can be traded for Smirmish Marks in

You might also earn a campaign item, which can also be traded at the Curiosities trader for Skirmish Marks. The First Marks, etc are slightly different. These too can be traded at the Curiosities Trader for Skirmish Marks, but the other traders around, who will trade you for armour, etc for your character (not your in-skirmish ally) will want Skirmish Marks and First Marks (or higher) for the better items, so don’t simply trade the First Marks in without considering whether you want some armour for yourself, for example.

The Bounty you get in Skirmishes is simply vendor trash, and you can sell it at any vendor. Mobs in Skirmishes don’t, by and large, drop loot so a Bounty is the only time you get anything worth money. Some lieutenants and optional objectives mobs will drop items occasionally.

Usefully, your Skirmish Marks, and the Veteran Marks, etc won’t show up in normal, non Skirmish, vendor windows, so you don’t need to worry about locking them to avoid accidentally selling.

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    Skirmish Marks and Bounty

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