Singularity – How To Beat The Train Monster Boss

Published on July 15th, 2010

The enormous ‘’ in might be scary, but if you keep your cool, he’s fairly easy to defeat.

Section 1 – The monster attacks you on top of the train carriage. Aim for the exposed orange sections of his body, arms and elbows, and hammer them with the chain gun. If he raises an arm, run to the other side of the carriage. At times, he’ll open his mouth – SHOOT THAT MOUTH!

If he ducks down the side of the carriage, he’s going to come back up and smack you about. Run away and wait for him to return to his normal attack pattern.

After you’ve hammered him sufficiently and taken out the puffy orange globules on his head, he’ll wreck the train. Because he’s selfish. This gives you a quick respite to collect some things and move forward.

Lo and behold, he comes back, ready to lay down the pain. Empty a clip into his open mouth and keep moving forward.

By now you should have reached the end of the train, where you’ll turn around and see him coming back for more. At this point you’ve accumulated a serious amount of TMD power, so keep that sucker aimed at his head (you don’t have to hold the fire button) and if you’re accurate enough, you’ll take him out just in time. Phew!

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    Singularity   How To Beat The Train Monster Boss

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