Resistance 3 Walkthrough, Game Guide And Journal Locations – Chapter 2

Published on September 20th, 2011

Welcome to the complete walkthrough for . In this guide, we’ll give you strategies and tips on how to beat the Chimera and advise you on how to tackle some tricky big boss fights. We’ll also point you in the right direction to find every JOURNAL in the game.

As soon as you hit the second room, check out the table near the injured/sick man and pick up the JOURNAL. Through the underground tunnels there’s an opening on the left-hand side where you’ll find a room with a blackboard. Grab the JOURNAL from the desk. Grab the Shrapnel grenades from the man and head for the room with half the wall missing.

Hybrids will arrive via a drop-ship. There’s no real challenge here, so pop them all and re-stock on Magnum ammo from the room with the wall missing. Follow the objective marker to meet up with Tommy Dean. Don’t follow him just yet. Go upstairs and pick the JOURNAL up from on the bed. Follow Tommy and take out the Hybrid along the way.

Tip – Use cover wisely. In Resistance 3, health does not re-generate over time. You need to look for health pick-ups and they’re often few and far between. Survey any area before moving forward.

Tip – Watch the line of fire of your enemy. Enemies in Resistance 3 attack from every angle. You can see the lines from gun-fire, which show you which direction they are firing from.

Tip – Journals aren’t just worthless collectibles. They provide valuable information on the various fire-arms that you’ll discover, so read them at every opportunity.


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    Resistance 3 Walkthrough, Game Guide And Journal Locations   Chapter 2

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