Red Faction Armageddon Walkthrough – Chapter 8

Published on July 29th, 2011

Welcome to the complete guide and walkthrough for where you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to help you through some tricky situations.

Chapter 8

    Get to the Front Line
    You’ll be facing bugs again. Keep going until you kill the hulking monster. Take out the infected building and move on. You’ll come across the singularity cannon on the ground. It’s great for taking out groups of enemies. Move into the next room. If you keep going straight, you’ll pass under the weird looking generator thing and come to a platform with some salvage and an Audio Log on it. There’s also two waves of bugs and a hulking monster to take down here. Further on you’ll find more bugs and another infected structure.

    When you drop down, be prepared to take on a behemoth and an invisible bug. The area’s kind of cramped and awkward, so keep moving. Once you’re done here, move up and you’ll find two marauders being swarmed by bugs. Fight them off and go towards the bridge. You’ll face a load of small bugs on your way, and when you get there you’ll find six pods. Take them all down and destroy the
    bridge. Now backtrack and go down another path to the cave supports. You’ll have to take out a tentacle first. Destroy the supports to bring the cave down on the bugs on the other side.

    Keep going until you’re in the first actual room with a weird thing going from the floor to the ceiling. On the left side of this room you’ll find an Audio Log. In the next room, get on the turret and you’ll have to deal with a ton of bugs. The turret is slow-firing, so the bugs will swarm around you pretty quickly. Just shoot the floor around you to clear the immediate area. Do this for about a minute and a shield will pop up.

    Find the Lab
    Move forward until you see a weapons locker. There’s an Audio Log in front of it. Keep going and you’ll be trapped in a room with a lot of bugs and an invisible bug. Move forward onto the walkway. Be careful here. At two points along the walkway a tentacle bursts from the wall and damage the walkway, then goes back in. Later on, the tentacle comes out of the ground, and here you can kill it. When you first see it come out of the ground, look to your left for an Audio Log.

    When you get down to where the tentacle was, another one pops out, along with some bugs. Further on there are even more bugs and a yellow hulking monster. When you enter the next structure, keep an eye out for an Audio Log to your left. In the next room you’ll be trapped with some bugs, two pods, and an invisible bug.

    Find the Chip

    There’s a behemoth in the hallway up ahead. Keep going and you’ll eventually be trapped in a room with a LOT of enemies and at least 8 or 9 pincer things. They are literally everywhere, so keep an eye out for heavy weapon ammo, because you will need it. Also, make good use of your nano forge abilities.

    Get to Winters
    You’ll be flying in a ship for this one. Pressing the Left Bumper brings up another visual mode, similar to the walker’s. Right Trigger and Right Bumper control the weapons. Pressing X and A causes you to ascend/descend vertically. Most of this is a whole lot of flying around, taking out a ton of enemies and infected buildings. The ship isn’t as hardy as the walker was, so don’t get too cocky about flying into the middle of a lot of enemies. The visual aid mode helps out a lot, since there’s a lot of space for enemies to hide, and the bugs blend into the walls real well.

    After a while, you’ll be tasked with destroying some generator things that emit energy which block your path. After you do that, you get a cutscene. You then have to demolish a rather large bridge. Do so to end the chapter.


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      Red Faction Armageddon Walkthrough – Chapter 8

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