Red Faction Armageddon Walkthrough – Chapter 5

Published on July 27th, 2011

Welcome to the complete guide and walkthrough for where you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks to help you through some tricky situations.

Chapter 5

    Gather Power Cells
    Take down the group of bugs when you encounter them. There’s a turret in the middle that swivels around 360 degrees, and it does heavy damage. Check the cylindrical store near the beginning of this area for an Audio Log. Scour the area for goodies, then bring the power cell down to you. Move to the next area, where you’ll find more bugs and a pod. There’s also an infected building next to the power cell. Destroy the building, grab the cell, and continue up to the tunnel. There are two turrets here you can man to fight the horde of enemies that come down the tunnel for you. After they’re all gone, explore the area to the right of the turrets and you’ll find an Audio Log.

    In the next area, if you don’t go up to the shielded door, you can just explore it for salvage and an Audio Log at the far end of the room. When you’re ready, go up to the shielded door. Press the button. It doesn’t work, so you’ll have to repair three generators in this room. Standing in your way are a lot of bugs. Once they’re all repaired, hit the button again. Take out the hulking monster in the tunnel and move on. The final room has a pincer thing and several bugs. Take them all out, then acquire the power cell and clean the
    room of loot.

    Return to Bastion
    When you reach the room with the second power cell, you’ll need to deal with several bugs and a weakened pincer thing. When you get back to the starting area, you’ll be right next to a pincer thing and surrounded by enemies. Abilities like Shell come in handy here. There’s a turret here, but it’s in an awkward position. It’s usually better to just fall back and take pot shots.

    Find the Water Pumps

    You’ll immediately face a few bugs. Look in one of the shacks on the right side for an Audio Log. Move forward a bit and you’ll find the nano rifle. It’s good at destroying buildings, but still doesn’t have the magnet gun’s infinite ammo. It’s a great back-up for your assault rifle though. The next area is crawling with bugs. There’s an Audio Log on the top level on the other side of the room. There are also multiple pods down on the bottom floor. Take them out and clear the room of bugs, then repair the four water pumps.

    Find the Next Pumping Station
    You’ll immediately come across another hulking monster, except this one is yellow and a lot more powerful. It’s a lot faster and launches yellow balls of energy at you that explode on contact and do a lot of damage. Take it out quickly. Move forward and take out the pods and bugs ahead. Keep going, down the spiraling ramps. A few more waves of bugs will come out of the walls. Take them all down and repair the pumps, then head into the tunnel and into the sewer.

    Find the Corporal
    Keep going until you find a rocket launcher. There are plenty of things to collect in this area. There’s also an Audio Log by the crates behind the upgrade station. After you try to contact the corporal, look to your left in the next area. There’s an infected building you can destroy. Further on you’ll find out what’s causing the flashes. A new type of bug. These guys blink in, attack you, and then disappear again. Their attack is pretty powerful, but slow. The nano rifle is a great weapon for taking them out quickly.

    The area ahead has a few of these guys floating around. Make your way to the top and repair the generator. There are some more bugs ahead, along with a pod. Move through the next room. When Mason comments about the Red Faction beacon,go left and you’ll find a little cubby hole with some goodies. Exit and you’ll fight a few bugs. There’s also an invisible bug up ahead.

    In the next room a wave of enemies comes from the wall. As you climb up, a couple more waves pop out, but they’re augmented by a pincer thing. Don’t get caught up on the top level with these guys. You can easily be overwhelmed here. Further on, past the upgrade station, you’ll face another load of enemies. There’s a hulking monster here and two pincer things, along with an invisible bug and all sorts of other bad guys. Use the cover here wisely and try to either take the pincers out quickly or sit back and whittle the powered up enemies down.

    There comes a point where you can go left on a yellow walkway or down and right. Go right to find an Audio Log. On the walkways you’ll encounter a few invisible bugs. At the top there are a few small bugs. Move forward and exten the bridge. You’ll need to hold off a large wave of bugs as the bridge extends. Keep going until you reach another walkway. There are a few bugs here as well. On the other side, go right and you’ll find some salvage. Keep going to the waypoint.

    Find an Upgrade Station
    Head towards the cavern. There’s an invisible bug on the way. Inside the actual structure you’ll encounter a few more enemies, including a hulking bug. Take them all out and make your way to the upgrade station. You get access to repair grenades. A bunch of enemies will swarm in from the cavern area. Take them out, then go out into the cavern and eliminate the pincer thing. Clear the place of salvage and move on. There’s another pincer thing and some bugs just outside of the cavern. When you get back to the generator, tap the Left Bumper to send a repair grenade towards it.

    Get to the Purification Plant
    First, head back to the lift and get the salvage/ammo. Continue forward. Both paths lead to the same place, but it’s easier to go up top and then backtrack on the lower path. When you choose a path, some bugs come out. If you continue along the upper path, you’ll find a side room. Inside are two invisible bugs, some explosives/ammo/salvage, and an Audio Log on the bottom floor. When you get back to the bottom, you’ll have to deal with several bugs, two pods at the top of the stairs, and three hulking monsters.

    In the next area, you have to bring down the entire purification plant, as it’s been infected. The area is filled with enemies of all types. A good tactic is to use the magnet gun to fling the hulking monsters into the bottom of the plant. Destroy the bottom of the plant to bring it down all at once, then clear the area of enemies and hold X to end the chapter.


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      Red Faction Armageddon Walkthrough – Chapter 5

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