Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations – Water And Honesty

Published on June 16th, 2010

are optional side-quests that can earn you fame and honor as well as bag you some extra cash. We’ll be adding to this guide regularly so be sure to check out the main Red Dead Redemption guide page for other Stranger Missions and tips.

This mission is called “” and is unlocked when you complete the main mission “Political Realities in Armadillo.”

Where to find it?

The road leading from MacFarlane’s Ranch to Armadillo. You’ll come across McAllister at a campsite (look out for the ? icon.) He wants to drill water under Pleasance House but the owner isn’t too keen on the idea.


You have to get the deed to the property by paying cash or by force.


You’ve simply got two choices here. Give the man $200 and he’ll hand over the deed or kill him in cold blood. The easiest way is to kill him and just take it but you will lose honour points as a result. If you bring the deed back to McAllister and you haven’t killed the previous owner then you’ll get $220 for your efforts. Kill him and you’ll lose 100 honour points – McAllister notices the blood on the deed. The choice is entirely yours. You can hog-tie him instead and you’d think McAllister wouldn’t know you killed him. Somehow there is still blood on the deed though so you won’t get away with it.

If you do end up with the deed, which you’ll do so if you then kill McAllister and loot his body, you’ll be able to use Pleasance House as a save point and a place to change outfits.

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    Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations   Water And Honesty

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