Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations – The Prohibitionist

Published on June 17th, 2010

are optional side-quests that can earn you fame and honor as well as bag you some extra cash. We’ll be adding to this guide regularly so be sure to check out the main Red Dead Redemption guide page for other Stranger Missions and tips.

This mission is called “The Prohibitionist” and is unlocked when you complete the main mission “An Appointed Time” and the Stranger mission “The Wronged Woman.”

Where to find it?

Outside of the Blackwater Saloon. You’ll find a preacher man ranting on about the evils of alcohol (follow the ? icon on the map.)


The Saloon has been losing business ever since the preacher, Abner Forsythe, started telling everyone that alchohol is evil. You can help the bar owner out by killing Abner, or if you leave him alone drinks will be double the price.


You’ll be sent off to speak to Phillips next to the Mortuary who asks you for the favour. You’ll have to choose between two options press one of two buttons: “Warn Abner,” or “Kill Abner.”

If you warn Abner you’ll get a tiny amount of cash but you’ll gain honour as a result. Room prices and alcohol doubles as a result. Waste of time!

Kill him instead with a swift gun-shot to the head and get ready to get out of there before the law descend on you. You’ll need to lose your wanted level before you go back to the area to pick up your reward, so jump on your horse and get out of there for a few minutes. When you return you’ll be rewarded for your ruthlessness with a 50% reduction in prices in town and 50 fame points. You’ll lose 100 honour points as a result.

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    Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations   The Prohibitionist

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    1. Posted by Beastly Jon on June 25th, 2010, 19:57

      If you use a throwing knife and get real close so John Marston knifes him in the gut, you won’t be wanted and lose only 20 honour points

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