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Published on June 18th, 2010

are optional side-quests that can earn you fame and honor as well as bag you some extra cash. We’ll be adding to this guide regularly so be sure to check out the main Red Dead Redemption guide page for other Stranger Missions and tips.

This mission is called “” and is unlocked when you complete the main mission “Empty Promises” and the Stranger mission “Poppycock.”

Where to find it?

Inside the slaughterhouse in El Matadero, south of Diez Coronas. You’ll find a Chinese man who works as a slave to the butcher (follow the ? icon to find him.)


The Chinese man is contracted to the butcher but wants to return to Shanghai. You can set him free by giving the slaughterhouse owner, Zhou, a white stallion. Find a white stallion.


NorthEast of Casa Madrugada there’s an area called Mesa Del Sol, on the map you’ll see pictures of running horses. There’s more than one white stallion, but they actually look grey rather than white (Hungarian half-bred.) Use your lasoo to capture it and break the horse. When you’ve caught it head back to the butcher and give him the horse. Before you do this you can save the horse as your own by hitching it up in any town.

When you give the horse to the butcher you’re told that there’s more to this mission. Wait about three days (game time) and then go to the train station in Chuparosa. You’ll find Zhou on a bench. He’s been taking opiates by the look of it. After speaking him you’ll earn 100 honour and 50 fame points.

You’ll unlock Reyes’ Rebels Outfit Scrap 4.

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    Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations   Love Is The Opiate

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