Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations – Lights, Camera, Action – Part 1

Published on June 22nd, 2010

are optional side-quests that can earn you fame and honor as well as bag you some extra cash. We’ll be adding to this guide regularly so be sure to check out the main Red Dead Redemption guide page for other Stranger Missions and tips.

This mission is called “Lights, Camera, Action” and can’t be accessed until you have completed the main mission “The Sport of Kings, And Liars.”

This mission consists of 2 parts. This is Part 1, you can access Part 2 by clicking on the link below.

Where to find it?

Head to the movie house in Armadillo, Cholla Springs.


You’ll meet up with Mackenna who wants to get his hands on a land deed that will enable him to build a movie studio. Your task is to win the deed from the owner by playing Liar’s Dice.


Go to the saloon in Thieves’ Landing to play Liar’s Dice. If you need tips on how to play Liar’s Dice effectively check out our Liar’s Dice guide. When you win you’ll have to head out to Benedict Point where an actor hired by MacKenna is convinced he’s a real gunslinger. You need to teach him a lesson. You’ll find him on the train platform and you’ll have to duel with him. Don’t kill him whatever you do! Just target his gun-weilding hand to disarm him.

When you’re done you’ll have to go back to MacKenna in Armadillo. After a short cut-scene you’ll discover that you’re work isn’t over just yet.

To access Part 2 of the walkthrough to Lights,Camera, Action, click here.

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    Red Dead Redemption: Stranger Locations   Lights, Camera, Action   Part 1

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    1. Posted by Frank on April 14th, 2011, 06:11

      I have a question, well its more of a problem I.have, hopefully somebody can help. I am trying to aquire the US ARMY uniform and one of the scraps is to complete this mission; which im sure you guys.are aware of. My dilema is that when I was given the chance to do the mission I never completed it, dont really remember what happen but I continued the game as if nothing, saving it, etc. Is there a way I can reactivate the mission? What can I do? I really want that damn uniform! Please help! Thanx

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