Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts – Twin Rocks Hideout

Published on June 4th, 2010

There are seven gang in , eight if you’re playing the PlayStation 3 version. In our guide we’ll tell you how to find them, what you’ll need to do when you get there and tips on how to clear them.

Visiting hideouts and clearing them off enemies goes toward your 100% completion of the game as well as bagging you some sweet loot and increasing your fame and honour in the game. You can also unlock the US Marshall Uniform by tackling all hideouts within a 24 hour period in the game. This particular guide focuses on Twin Rock’s Hideout. Before you tackle any hideout it’s worth stocking up on ammo, projectiles, health and Dead Eye items so that you’ve got a real fighting chance against some tough opposition.

What you need to do before you come here?
This mission will be active early on after you’ve completed Bonnie’s Mission “New Friends, Old Problems.”

Where to find it?
In the region of Cholla Springs, North West of Armadillo


– Meet the rancher near the rock
– Kill the Walton Gang
– Rescue the rancher’s daughter in the bedroom

Volcanic Pistol

You’ll stumble across the hideout of Twin Rocks just North West of Armadillo. They’ll be a rancher nearby crouching by a rock who tells you that the Walton gang have captured his daughter. In the distance on large rocks in front of your position you’ll see two gang members who have spotted you and alerted other gang members that you’re approaching. Ideally you’ll have bought a sniper rifle with you and will be able to pick them off no problem.

As you approach the white building more gunmen will appear from behind cover at the front of the building and you’ll have to shoot down the guy who appears on the roof. Use cover effectively and only move out of position when there is no gun-fire. Once you’ve killed all the men outside, some more of Walton’s men will storm out of the house so it’s worth getting back and behind cover so you’ve got a good view of the front of the building where you’re not standing out in the open.

Finally you’ll need to rescue the daughter. She’s inside the house, you’ll see a yellow marker on the map. There’s just one guy left to kill but if you’re too slow, or if he spots you, the rancher’s daughter gets it. The door is ajar, activate Dead Eye and burst in to deliver a clinical shot right between the eyes. You’re a hero and you’ve gained access to the Volcanic Pistol.

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    Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts   Twin Rocks Hideout

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