Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts – Nosalida Hideout

Published on June 4th, 2010

There are seven in , eight if you’re playing the PlayStation 3 version. In our guide we’ll tell you how to find them, what you’ll need to do when you get there and tips on how to clear them.

Visiting hideouts and clearing them off enemies goes toward your 100% completion of the game as well as bagging you some sweet loot and increasing your fame and honour in the game. You can also unlock the US Marshall Uniform by tackling all hideouts within a 24 hour period in the game.

This particular guide focuses on Hideout. Before you tackle any hideout it’s worth stocking up on ammo, projectiles, health and Dead Eye items so that you’ve got a real fighting chance against some tough opposition.

What you need to do before you get here?
Complete “We Shall Be Together in Paradise” given by Irish

Where to find it?
In the NW of Nuevo Paraiso territory, just northwest of Escalera.


- Approach the general to offer your assistance
- Help the Mexican army by burning your targets

Henry Repeater

When you approach the Nosalida Hideout you’ll be asked for help in eliminating rebels in the Hideout by a general and some of his men who will be hiding behind a rock. There’s a small crate on the ground where you can pick up molotov cocktails (or the Wild West equivalent.) Grab as many as you can, you’re going to be setting the place on fire. In the camp ahead of you you’ll see some rebels. If you can take them out from a distance that’s ideal, but you can get closer by using cover and you’ll need to move forward into the camp to eliminate the ones you can’t see. You should eliminate all rebels before beginning to torch the place. Remember to use your Dead Eye if you get overwhelmed. You’ll know when they’re all dead because they’ll be no more red markers on the map.

Now head for the yellow markers, which represent structures and boats, and torch them with your molotov cocktails. When you’re done return to the general to collect your reward.

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    Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts   Nosalida Hideout

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