Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts – Gaptooth Breach Hideout

Published on June 3rd, 2010

There are seven in , eight if you’re playing the PlayStation 3 version. In our guide we’ll tell you how to find them, what you’ll need to do when you get there and tips on how to clear them.

Visiting hideouts and clearing them off enemies goes toward your 100% completion of the game as well as bagging you some sweet loot and increasing your fame and honour in the game. You can also unlock the US Marshall Uniform by tackling all hideouts within a 24 hour period in the game.

This particular guide focuses on Hideout. Before you tackle any hideout it’s worth stocking up on ammo, projectiles, health and Dead Eye items so that you’ve got a real fighting chance against some tough opposition.

What you need to do before you get here?
Once you’ve completed “Man is Born Unto Trouble” – Irish’s second mission

Where to find it?
South-West in the New Austin Territory. Look for the danger symbol on your pull-out map.


- Join the injured stranger
- Rescue Floyd
- Go to the mine entrance
- Open the Treasure Crate
- Go to the mine exit

Springfield Rifle

As you approach the area you’ll hear an injured man call out to you. You’ll find him sitting next to a couple of boxes if you follow the yellow marker on the map. He dies but not before telling you that the miners in Gaptooth Breach have kidnapped his friend. You’ll have to the move through the camp eliminating enemies. There’s plenty of areas for cover behind crates. Keep a close eye on the enemy markers on the map and move slowly from cover to cover eliminating the miners. In the heart of the mining compound there are a few buildings, head to the largest one and shoot open the door with your pistol. There’s a miner just inside the doorway who you can kill by shooting at the lantern on the ground.

Head over to the adjacent building where Floyd can be found on the second floor. You’ll have a couple of miners to contend with, including one of the balcony. When you find Floyd cut him free and he’ll tell you that there’s some treasure hidden in the caves. Time to go get it! Follow Floyd to the entrance to the mine. You may have to take out any miners that you missed on the way to rescuing him. Oncw you both arrive at the mine entrance safely you can go inside. There are explosive crates and lanterns that you can shoot out along the way which will kill enemies quickly.

Make your way to the green marker on the map to find the chest. Floyd foolishly sits on a crate of explosives and as you leave the crate you’ll hear a huge explosion. You’ll now need to exit the mine and they’ll be some opposition to kill along the way. Once again you can choose to explode the crates and lanterns, and use any crates for cover along the way. In addition to getting the Springfield rifle you’ll also unlcok Treasure Hunter Outfit Scrap 5.

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    Red Dead Redemption Guide To Gang Hideouts   Gaptooth Breach Hideout

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