Red Dead Redemption – Fame And Honor

Published on June 8th, 2010

and is a theme that runs throughout your adventure and the decisions that you make can affect the outcome of situations and the way that people react to you. Want to know more? This guide tells you all you need to know about Fame and and

Fame differs from honor in the game. You gain honor by doing honourable deeds, but you can gain fame (which can only ever rise) by carrying out any activity from stealing a horse and killing some banditos to winning a high stakes game of poker.

How to gain honor

1. Complete missions
2. Complete side-quests
3. Kill the bad guys
4. Help strangers
5. Win at the mini-games
6. Win duels. If you shoot at their pistol hand and kill them immediately you’ll gain 100+ fame!
7. Don’t always kill targets, remember you can lasso and hog-tie them, or simply disarm them
8. Watch out for any enemies that are unneccesarily harrassing people, such as a gang of outlaws shooting their pistols around town. You can often gain fame for killing them.

Ways that will reduce honour
1. Killing innocents
2. Making morally incorrect choices, such as killing an unarmed man
3. Killing the law!
4. Robbing civilians

People will come after you and folk will dislike you.

Benefits of earning Honor points
People will like you and that means that shopkeepers are likely to give a discount for their goods and anyone looking for a gun for hire are likely to pay you more money to hire a respectable guy like yourself. Of course with all this honour and fame comes plenty of perks.


Desperado – Eyewitnesses won’t report crimes that are more trivial than murder

Road Agent – Thieves’ Landing stores pay you twice as much when you sell items and will be give you a 50% discount on items. Stay below drifter rank and you’ll be able to summon a black horse.

Rustler – You can now pay eyewitnesses 50% less than before to bribe them

Drifter – No perks

Honest Joe – All jobs that you take will now pay twice as much

Peacemaker – Unlocks the Duster coat and now all shops, apart from those on Thieves’ Landing will pay you twice as much when you sell items and will be give you a 50% discount on items

Hero – Eyewitnesses and Lawmen will only report crimes after your first murder

Legend – 50% reduction in the bounty for you crimes

Gunslinger -You can steal or highjack a horse but you won’t be wanted

Mercenary – The time period between law pursuits goes from 24 to 48 hours

Buckaroo – Bribing lawmen now costs 25% less

Greenhorn – More people will ask for your help so you’ll be offered more ambient challenges

Nobody – No perks

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