Red Dead Redemption – How To Duel And Win

Published on June 8th, 2010

When you’re face to face with your enemy and you have to be quick on the draw it pays to know the best way to kill him effectively.

During a duel You’ll see a blue metre on the screen representing your health and a red one representing your opponents. The one whose metre is the fullest at the end of the duel is the winner.

Don’t draw too quickly!

Wait until you hear ‘DRAW!’ and then pull L2 to draw your gun. You’ll enter dead eye mode where you can now aim and press R1 on parts of your opponents body to paint them. The areas that you choose will be where you shoot. Once you’ve chosen your targets press R2 and you’ll let fly with your bullets. There’s more to it then that though!

During targeting watch the reticule flash between red and white and see how it gets bigger and smaller. If you want to be accurate you need to press R1 when the reticule is small and white. This way you’ll be spot on when you let fly.

If you want to win quickly, aim for the gun-carrying hand or the head of your opponent. Don’t just assume that you’ll kill him straight away though, it can be tough learning to target when the reticule is small and white. Try and aim for the head and gun-carrying hand first but also paint targets on other parts of his body in case your targeting is out, ideally his heart.

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    Red Dead Redemption   How To Duel And Win

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