Metro 2033 – Ammunition And Trading

Published on April 1st, 2010

Check out Gamerzine’s guide to the different types of that you’ll find in the underground stations of and follow our tips on how to trade effectively.

In the Moscow Metro, ammunition serves as currency. And taking cues from the survival horror genre, this is in short supply.

YOU DO NOT PICK UP AMMO AUTOMATICALLY – corpses must be looted and discarded stripped of ammo. If you run and gun without stopping to replenish your supplies, you will quickly find yourself short of ammo. There is more than enough in the game if you know where to look- exploration will uncover secret stashes, loot every corpse and consere your bullets where you can, and you should find yourself a rich man by the time you enter a station.

There are two types of ammo – Military Grade and Dirty Ammo

Military Grade ammo was made before the apocalypse, and is of a far superior quality. If you need to you can load Military Grade ammo into any Automatic class weapon – this will be more accurate and deal more damage – but we recommend you try and hang on to it so you can upgrade, and buy new weapons! To swap between Military Grade and Dirty Rounds, press and hold re-load.

In addition to Military grade ammo, there are several other ammo types:

  • Pistol ammo – works with the pistol
  • Dirty Automatic rounds – work with any automatic class weapon
  • Shells – work with either Shotgun variant
  • Ball Bearings – work with the Tihar
  • Harpoons – work with the Helsing

At every station you will find a weapons dealer, equipment store and bullet exchange.

At the bullet exchange you can offload any ammo you don’t need to purchase Military Grade ammo, or use your Military Grade rounds to buy specialist ammo types. And yes, the exchange rate sucks.

All weapons and equipment must be paid for with Military Grade ammo.

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    Metro 2033   Ammunition And Trading

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