Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough – Episode 6: Meltdown – Chapter 4

Published on May 10th, 2010

This is it folks, the final chapter. Akrid galore here, including the mammoth Over G Akrid which is a breeding ground for the smaller creatures. Take a deep breath this is a long one, but you’re nearly there.



1) Close up the Akrid Breeding Ground

2) Head for the core

Everything you see is part of the Over G Akrid, there’s organs pulsating and limbs writhing.  This beast is a breeding ground for Akrid and Akrid spawn through those pulsating spawn pods that grip onto cliff sides and walls. Keep an eye out everywhere for them, this is what helps you to defeat the beast.

Straight in front of you and there’s enough battle armour for all four of you. Two of the larger spider-like Akrid are lurking here. Don’t get too close because they slam their sharp pincers into the ground. Just aim for the orange spots on their legs.  To the West there’s a VS EM lazer if you fancy it. Move North and grapple up onto the stone ledge. Just in front of this ledge on the right there’s a datapost, you’ll see data post number 2 appear on the map a short walk to the North East.  Around you you’ll see spawn pods, shut them down ASAP before more of the spider-like Akrid appear. A couple of rockets will take them down or sustained machine gun fire. Head through the gap where there’s a river of fiery lava. Area complete



1) Wear down the Akrid

2) Close up Akrid breeding grounds

The same principle applies here, focus your attention on any spawn pods first and foremost. You’ll have to deal with some Akrid, but they shouldn’t provide much of a challenge as long as you don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by ignoring the spawn pods. There’s a data post right in front of you and if you double back on yourself there a pathway leading down that brings you to an area where you can see three spawn pods you need to shoot out. Look high and around the area and you can’t miss them. Head to data post two which you should now see on the mini-map when you get there look up and around. You should see two huge bright glowing orange/yellow/white area like big balls of glowing light. It will take a while to take them down, but using rockets will make it much quicker. Focus your attention now totally on these. Now that you’ve shot down all the spawn pods you shouldn’t be bothered by smaller Akrid. Once they’re destroyed head North. Area complete


Move up the stairs. There’s a spawn pod at the top that appears out of nowhere, the same applies to the top of the next set of steps. You can avoid fighting any Akrid altogether if you know they’re coming and shoot at them immediately to blow them up. You’ll have to grapple up to the next point and you’ll see data post 2 on the map. It’s on the lower level and that’s where you’ll be heading. Before you do so, wait at the exit of the cave tunnel which overlooks an area crawling with Akrid. There are 6 spawn pods to take out here. Don’t even bother fighting the Akrid at this point, they can’t get to you from where you are standing.  There’s a rocket launcher in this area so use it target the spawn pods. You should be able to see 4 spawn pods from where you’re standing, the trickiest one to see is right below you, but if you move right to the edge you should spot it. You can take all of them out from this distance with range weapons. When you’ve done that jump down and head toward datapost 2.

You’ll come against a few of the larger spider type Akrid here. Shoot at their legs. More importantly you need to shut off the remaining two spawn pods to stop more coming. You should now see these spawn pods from this area so take them out first and then deal with the larger Akrid. When done head east up the pathway and you’ve completed this area.


More spawn pods here to get rid off, spider-like Akrid and the huge orange spheres that glow brightly. To the south you’ll see a spawn pod, you’ll see it if you move slightly forward. There are more of the spider-like Akrid to deal with here. Attack them from  a safe distance and aim for the orange core on their legs.  You’ll see two orange spheres that you have to destroy once again. Once again this is a good time to use the rockets from the rocket launcher that you’ll find in this area. Once you’re done head Northwards up the lava waterfall and you’ve completed the area.


You’re almost there. There are some spawn pods nestled high up, so it’s worth taking them down to stop the flow of Akrid. There are also two orange spheres to destroy again, one in front of you and one behind. They’ll shoot out at you which takes up  a large chunk of your health so get prepared to use your harmonizer a lot here. Use all the heavy weaponry you can lay your hands on to attack the large orange spheres. There are smaller Akrid in this area that you can destroy with light weapons, but you’ll also encounter the spider like Akrid too. If you’re playing with a team, it’s best you split into two groups. One group take out the spawn pods while the other group destroys the first orange sphere. Then you can all focus on the last sphere together. Once you’re done head East up the pathway and the area is complete.



1) Attach the GPS Units

It’s crunch time. It’s not immediately apparent where you need to go, but if you look above there is a place that you can grapple to. Head Northwards, up toward the summit and then down, you’ll see four battle suits right in front of you. That only means one thing, it’s time to take on the big guy. You need to get up close to the Akrid and attach a GPS Unit, but first you need to bring it crashing down where you’ll have the opportunity to quickly place the unit on it. It looks like two giant fiery phalluses towering in the sky over you. They shoot out fireballs in the air which are hard to avoid. You need to aim for the tip of these phalluses – the bulbous end. Rockets are your best bet. When you see one of them crash to the ground, move toward it quickly and attach the GPS Unit. It’s not over yet. It will attack for another round. Try and jump out of the way of the fire balls.  Keep pummelling the very tips of these two fiery phalluses. When you’re told to run, don’t worry too much. Whether you stay and continue to fight or run makes no odds. By that point you’ve won the battle and won’t die. Congratulations, it’s been a tough slog, but you’ve finally reached the end.

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    Lost Planet 2 Walkthrough   Episode 6: Meltdown   Chapter 4

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    1. Posted by Zender on May 25th, 2010, 22:50

      There is a good job award here called “begin mission safe return” which sounds like you can actually escape. probably for an extra mission and alternate ending possibly.

      This is just my guess.
      If anyone has more info on this could you please e-mail me?

    2. Posted by paul on May 28th, 2010, 13:07

      U a great help but wrong on the end mate. u just gotta hold on long enuff for your mate on the station to get it back on line. kills the suspense. change it.

    3. Posted by Micah on June 3rd, 2010, 05:44

      To injure the boss you have to a cannon and the GPS

    4. Posted by Issac on June 13th, 2010, 06:35

      just needed that last help, and then it was smooth sailing. thanks.

    5. Posted by Fraser on July 25th, 2010, 20:46

      I completed this bit but it won’t give me the game completed trophie

    6. Posted by Count_vlade on October 5th, 2010, 00:08

      ummm i dont see suits.. i am in a hole the i grapple to a ledge run up a long black path.. but i dont see the suits :(

    7. Posted by justin on November 27th, 2010, 07:11

      how do you attach the pda

    8. Posted by Adawg8 on July 20th, 2011, 19:17

      It takes forever to do it

    9. Posted by dom on July 10th, 2012, 15:22

      THE MAJOR PROBLEM WITH Lost planet 2 is YOU CAN’T SAVE THEN LOAD EACH MISSION,you can only save and load each chapter that consists of the 3 or 4 missions/areas. Meaning after you gave it your all beating the first 2 missions and mission 3 is a very hard boss, by the time you learn how to beat it you loose all your lives and have to restart the WHOLE chaptor all over again. THAT IS WHY a save option per mission was needed ESPECIALLY WHEN PLAYING WITH NO AI and solo only.

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