LIMBO Walkthrough – Chapter 23

Published on August 14th, 2010

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing a full, in-depth, complete walkthrough of all 24 chapters for . We’ll guide you through all the and all the achievements.

We’ve listed the walkthrough in Chapters. Note: You won’t see how the game divides into chapters until you complete it, so you may have to check out the main LIMBO page for guides to the other levels and to find the solution to the specific puzzle you are looking for.

Once you land on the vertical platform, you will see another arrow switch. Jump towards the arrow switch and hit the action button. Time this so that you don’t hit the electrified H (or I depending on your perspective). I would suggest, jumping towards the arrow almost immediately after the H lights up so it will dim by the time you land. Stand in the middle safe zone until it is safe to move to the right. You will land on a thick pipe. Jump back to the H. Time your leftward jump back to the H, so that you will and when it is not electrified. Immediately jump to the right to grab the rope. Climb down the rope to the O. Go to the right.

You will see a gravity switch. Jump towards the switch and activate it. Push the crate to the right of the switch. Position yourself over the switch. The gravity will turn off and you will fall. Activate the switch as you pass by it. Immediately head left. You will “fall” upward into a secret room. There is a handle in the top left corner of this room. Pull it to reveal a glowing orb egg for an achievement [Achievement: Going Up 10 pts]. Note: This is the last achievement you will get before completing the game.

Jump back towards the gravity switch and activate it again. Push the block all the way to the right. Head back and hit the switch again when the gravity switch deactivates. Run to the right. Climb the crate onto the ledge and run past the blade before the gravity switches back. When the gravity switches back you will slide down and incline. Make sure to jump at the end while pressing right and hit the gravity switch when you pass it. Land on the platform right before the gun.

Check out the main LIMBO guide page for further solutions.

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    LIMBO Walkthrough   Chapter 23

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