LIMBO Walkthrough – Chapter 21

Published on August 13th, 2010

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing a full, in-depth, complete walkthrough of all 24 chapters for . We’ll guide you through all the and all the achievements.

We’ve listed the walkthrough in Chapters. Note: You won’t see how the game divides into chapters until you complete it, so you may have to check out the main LIMBO page for guides to the other levels and to find the solution to the specific puzzle you are looking for.

Pass under the platform that has the small ladder on the left of it. There are two crates. Push the right crate all the way to the right against the wall. Head left immediately and jump onto the ledge. When the crate falls, stop it from falling off the ledge. Push the crate to the left and put it DIRECTLY underneath the ladder. Use the crate to climb the ladder. Head right.

Jump on the ladder and it will fall down. Push the ground-level crate all the way to the right again. When you let go of the box, immediately climb up the ladder and head left. If you had positioned the crate directly under the ladder earlier, you will be able to grab the floating crate and pull it to the ledge. Place the crate just to the left of the third level’s ledge, so that later, when it floats up, it won’t hit the overhanging ledge. Climb back down the ladder. Once again, push the ground-level crate all the way to the right. As it is sliding, immediately climb the ladder and jump onto the second-level crate before it floats and jump through the door, before the crate hits the ceiling. Make sure you are standing in the middle of the crate or it will tilt and throw you off. Head right.

You will see an elevator. Walk all the way to the right. When you get to the ledge, press down. Jump to the right, to grab a chain. Climb down to collect and achievement [Achievement: Under Ground 10 pts].

Hit the switch to make the elevator descend. Once it is on the ground, hit the switch again to make it start raising. Jump into the elevator to ride it up. Once you are on the top ledge, hit the switch to lower the elevator. Hit the switch again, to make the elevator go up. Jump on top of the elevator as it rises. Once you cross through the laser, immediately jump off the elevator to the right, so the gun will shoot down the hanging box. Lower the elevator, yet again. Push the crate on top of the elevator. Ride the elevator up again; hiding behind the crate. Climb the crate, jump to the platform on the left above the gun. Head left.

You will see a switch. Turn the switch on and off quickly multiple times to make the crate hover in the air and float towards you. You will have to let the crate hit the ground and start sliding to the right before you can make it hover towards you. If it hits any of the edges, you will have to reset it in the top left corner, let it drop and slide right again. Once you get the crate out, push it as far as you can to the right. Jump back onto the elevator. Go to the switch on the right of the elevator. Lower the elevator, again. Grab the crate on top of the elevator and push it to the right from the left side of the crate. This will block the gun on the right. Push it all the way to the right.

Climb the ladder. Hit the switch at the top of the ladder with the upward pointing arrow. You and the crate will float to the ceiling. Push the crate to the right, so that that its right side lines up with the left side of the top rectangular platform. Head left.

When you come upon the crate that was next to the gun, push it right. Line its right side up with the left side of the moving rectangular platform. Hit the switch immediately after the moving platform has come out enough so that that the right crate will fall on top of the moving platform and the left crate will fall to the ground. Use the two crates, along with the platforms to create stairs. Note: the right crate will be on the edge of the moving platform, but by the time you climb up it, it will be close enough to the second platform to climb on top of it. Climb down the ladder. Head right.

Check out the main LIMBO guide page for further solutions.

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    LIMBO Walkthrough   Chapter 21

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