LIMBO Walkthrough – Chapter 19

Published on August 11th, 2010

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing a full, in-depth, complete walkthrough of all 24 chapters for . We’ll guide you through all the and all the achievements.

We’ve listed the walkthrough in Chapters. Note: You won’t see how the game divides into chapters until you complete it, so you may have to check out the main LIMBO page for guides to the other levels and to find the solution to the specific puzzle you are looking for.

Grab the lever to your right, so that the cog on the right is moving clock- wise. When a cog spoke is pointing directly at the top of the bottom ladder flip the switch again. Quickly jump onto the cog spoke while it’s changing direction and onto the top ladder. Jump on the left set of cogs at the top of the ladder to ride and jump to the ledge. Head right.

You will see a lever and a ladder on wheels. Ignore them both for now. Continue to the right until you get to a mine cart. Pull the mine cart directly underneath the lever above. Head back to the ladder on wheels. Push the ladder all the way to the right from the left side. Jump on the platform and immediately start climbing the ladder so you can jump back onto the platform to the left. Stand at the lever. Don’t activate it yet. Let the ladder roll all the way to right. When the ladder is about in the middle on its way back, activate the lever. Immediately run over and jump onto the ladder. When the ladder rolls back to the right, jump on to the higher platform.

Head right and jump towards the lever using the action button to activate it. You will land safely on the mine cart, if you correctly placed it earlier. The mine cart will start moving on its own. Ride the cart till you get to the ladder. Climb the ladder. Run along the platform, making sure the mine cart stays beneath you. Make sure you are lined up with the back side of the mine cart. Jump over the saw blade and land on the mine cart. If you were not lined up with the back side of the mine cart, you will jump in front of it and die.

Continue right on the mine cart. Let the mine cart have the platform push you on to the ground. This will keep you safe from electricity. Now, grab the mine cart and pull it to the left and jump in front of it, so that you can push/pull it from the right side. Hold the cart. Start as far right as possible and and begin pushing the cart. Once the cart is about two bodies’ length from the edge of the platform, jump onto the cart and immediately jump on the ledge. You should already be on the ledge before the cart begins gaining forward momentum. Run right as soon as your thumbs will let you. You may have to make a saving leap at the end to avoid the electrified railing when the cart rolls back to the switch.

Activate the lever. The world will start rotation. Head right. Jump over the ball. The ground will angle up then down. Stop at the edge before the ground angles down. When the world aligns so that the ladder is vertical, jump onto the ladder. From the ledge adjacent to the ladder, you will need to jump to a hanging platform. Wait to jump until the world makes this platform almost horizontal. The world will stop moving shortly after landing on that platform.

You will see a crate to the right. Push the crate to the right, up against the electrified wall. Climb the crate, be very careful not to touch the wall. Jump to the left from atop the crate. You will land on an invisible hanging platform. Once you are on top of the invisible platform, jump to the right onto the ledge above the electrified wall. Step over the glowing egg to get an achievement [Achievement: Guided by Sparks 10 pts].

Jump off of this ledge and onto the ledge with the crate. Grab the crate and push it off of the left side of the platform. Jump down onto the crate to avoid the sparks. Head right.

Check out the main LIMBO guide page for further solutions.

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    LIMBO Walkthrough   Chapter 19

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