LIMBO Walkthrough – Chapter 15-16

Published on August 8th, 2010

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be providing a full, in-depth, complete walkthrough of all 24 chapters for . We’ll guide you through all the and all the achievements.

We’ve listed the walkthrough in Chapters. Note: You won’t see how the game divides into chapters until you complete it, so you may have to check out the main LIMBO page for guides to the other levels and to find the solution to the specific puzzle you are looking for.

Chapter 15
Slide down the slope. You will see a fly eating a corpse. Walk really slow and sneak up on the fly. Right when you reach the corpse, start running and jump towards the fly. You will grab the fly’s legs and he will take you up to the platform.

Chapter 16
Head right. You will initially walk over a switch that opens a door, but you cannot do anything with it right now, so just move forward. Climb up the first ladder and push/pull the crate under the next ladder. Climb up the ladder. Head left.

You will come across two movable pillars with platforms hanging from the bottom that you can move back and forth. Move the first pillar to the right so that you can jump over it. After you have jumped over it, grab the pillar from the left and move the pillar as far left as it will go. Do not move the second pillar, just jump over it. You will see a box with a light on it. It is a switch that you can push. Push the switch and immediately run right and jump over the left-most pillar so that you are to the right of it. Push the left- most pillar all the way to the left, so that the wheel will roll onto the platform under the pillar. Once the wheel is on the platform, drag the pillar to the right so that the wheel can roll onto the right-most pillar’s platform. Once the wheel is on the right-most platform, push the right platform so that the wheel can roll on the ledge to the right. The wheel will roll off the ledge.

Head to the switch that opened the door at the beginning of the chapter. The wheel will be next to the switch. Push the wheel to the left as far as it will go. Let go and let the wheel roll on its own. The wheel will roll back and forth, allowing you to go through the door without standing on the switch. Once you reach the platform behind the door, grab the crate and push it through the door that (hopefully) the wheel is still opening for you. If the wheel has stopped rolling back and forth, repeat the process to make it roll onto the switch. The wheel will only make the door open twice before it loses momentum.

Now that the crate is on the ground, push/drag the crate to the right. Use the crate to climb up to the ledge with the lever. DO NOT HIT THE LEVER, YET! Jump from the platform to the giant cog. Go all the way across the cog (ignoring the platform) and a glowing achievement egg will be on the right-most spoke of the cog [Achievement-Climbing the Cog 10 pts].

Climb the ladder to the right. Go to the platform on the left. Grab the crate that is on the right side of the platform. Push the crate off the ledge and onto the cog. Head back to the switch to the left of the cog. Flip the switch. Push the crate you left under the switch up against the cog, so that one of the spokes will come by and lift it up. Stand the ledge so a spoke will come by and pick you up. Ride the cog around to the other side. There should now be two crates and the bottom of the cog waiting for you. Take the right crate and push it all the way to the right. Wait for the ground to lower again and continue pushing it right. Pull the left crate onto the switch to make the ground raise, again. Quickly run and jump onto the raising platform and the crate to get to the top of the ledge.

You will pass by a box that acts as a switch. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT! Grab onto the chain to the right that is above the electrified rails. Swing back and forth on the chain to get some momentum. Jump to the left and activate the switch. Now run and jump back on the chain that still has momentum making it swing to the left so you can grab it after it repositions itself in the middle of the electric floor. Swing and jump to the right to avoid the electricity. Jump down the ledge.

Check out the main LIMBO guide page for further solutions.

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    LIMBO Walkthrough   Chapter 15 16

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