Limbo – How To Get Past The Tree Spider

Published on July 16th, 2010

The is the first puzzle that will probably cause a few head scratches in the beautifully haunting , but fear not, GZ Guides is here to ease the pain.

As you move towards the tree and the ’s legs lurch out at you, keep you distance. If your get hit, you die. Instead, you’re going to have to hover underneath a leg until it raises up into the air, then run backwards as it smashes towards the ground. Hear that metallic sound? Do it again, and the sound gets a lot louder. The ’s leg-smashing has knocked the bear trap from the tree behind you. So go get it!

Push the trap towards the spider (don’t stand in it, idiot), and tempt its leg in the same way, but this time when it’s in the air, quickly slide the bear trap underneath. Snap! You’ll have to do it three times – and be careful as the third leg is the quickest – but when you do, you can pass, and the spider is gone. Or is he…

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    Limbo   How To Get Past The Tree Spider

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    1. Posted by a on November 27th, 2013, 12:56

      oh my god this thing is scaring the crap outta me

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