LIMBO – Secret Hidden Eggs – How To Find Them All

Published on August 16th, 2010

The following are not required for completion or for achievements. They do, however, allow you to get over 100% on the leaderboards.
There are a total of 11 hidden eggs in the game. Check out our guide in how to find them all!

There are 10 searchable hidden eggs and 1 obtainable hidden egg.

The percentage on the leaderboard is determined as follows:

76% for completing the game
2% for each achievement (22% total)
2% for starting a new game or for loading a chapter after completing a game.
1% for each secret egg.

Notice: Completing the game will all achievements and starting a new game will
get you the 100% completion rate.

Chapter 8 Secret Hidden Egg
Jump to the chain that hangs above the two saw blades. Climb up until it is pulled as far down as possible. Jump back to the ledge on the left and run left as quickly as possible. You will come up to a pit that originally had spikes in it. The spikes are now gone and you can jump into the pit to get the
secret egg.

Chapter 9 Secret Hidden Egg
Run to the left and grab the crate. Push the crate left until it is hanging half way over the ledge. Run to the right and follow the steps you would to make it rain. Run back to the left and you will see a secret hidden egg on top of the crate.

Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 1
After collecting the egg for the achievement Alone in the Dark, continue right until you cannot go right any further. Use the action button to pull an invisible crate to the left. Jump on this crate and jump onto the ledge. Run right until you run over a second egg in the dark.

Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 2
After collecting the first hidden egg in the dark, run as far right as you can. When you stop, jump up the ledges. Go as far right as possible. Do a running jump from this position to the left and you will smash through a crate on the ground. This jump can be pretty tricky and persistence is the key. However, if you jump after running left for approximately 5 seconds, you should be able to smash through the crate. Run right and you will come to a light and a fly. The egg will be in the spotlight.

Chapter 15 Secret Hidden Egg 3
After collecting the second hidden egg, continue right until you stop. Once you stop, press down and your boy will descend a ledge. Head right, jumping over a ledge. You will see the glowing egg at this point. Head right until you fall down. Face left and pull the long box you were standing on before falling down. Jump on top of this box and head left, down, and right to the egg.

Chapter 17 Secret Hidden Egg
Ride the cog at the beginning of the level into the darkness until it stops. Head to the right, jumping when you can’t walk. You will see a glowing egg.

Chapter 21 Secret Hidden Egg 1
Use the gravity to switch the position of the left and right crate. Get the crate that is now on the left up to the ledge. You will need to use the gravity to flip the crate such that the side that has two rectangular lumps and a rounded lump, will face DOWN. The easiest way to do this is to get it onto the second level, and use the edge of the third level to flip the crate when you activate the gravity. Once your crate is in this position, drag it to the guns on the left. Stand on top of the crate so the gun will shoot at you. Do this twice and you will see an egg drop to the ground. Pull the egg to the right and push it over the ledge to get your egg out from under the crate. Note: You can do this by also shooting to opposite side of the crate, however, you will see the egg instantly appear when shot from this side. Shooting from the other side will initially appear as though there is no egg until you move the crate to the right.

Chapter 21 Secret Hidden Egg 2
At the area in chapter 21 where you have the two crates and the two moving platforms, use the moving platforms and gravity to stack the two crates on top of each other. Use the gravity to have the two crates stacked on top of each other on the ceiling. Push these to the left until you get to a ledge. Pull the bottom crate out slightly so you can use the two crates as stairs to climb the ledge. Run to the left until you see the glowing egg in the top left corner of the room where you made the crate hover.

Chapter 23 Secret Hidden Egg 1
This egg is probably the most difficult searchable egg to receive. The timing is very precise on this egg. When you start chapter 21, you begin on a platform standing horizontally. Jump to the H about 2 seconds after it lights up to land on the H after it is no long electrified. You will be in the middle of the two light up sections and the light will come back on almost immediately after you are safe. After two seconds of the light being on, start jumping back to the left. You want to run and jump onto the pole that you began the level in. If you have timed, it correctly, the saw should just begin its descent as you jump to the pole. The following jump can be quite difficult. You want to wait approximately 10 seconds after you have landed on the pole (assuming you timed your jump to the pole correctly). While waiting the 10 seconds, move as far right as you can without falling off of the pole. At the 10 second mark, make a run and jump to the left. As you fall, repeatedly hit B so that you can flip the switch on the way down. The reason the timing was important, was if you timed it correctly, you should land “in front of” the saw blade. Run back up the pole to your original position and proceed as you would to finish the chapter. As you jump past the H to the large pipe on the right, you will notice an egg fall to the large L-shaped pipe. Try your best not to die (because what you just did was significantly harder than the jumps you have to make to reach it) and jump to the egg.

Chapter 23 Secret Hidden Egg 2
You begin this egg hunt in Chapter 12. Jump to the large O. You will see a very small latch on the O. You want to walk around the O until the latch is pointing to the right. Finish the chapter.

Load Chapter 23. Jump across the H and the large pipe until you begin descending the rope. Notice the rope is attached to a large O. There is a small latch on the large O like one in Chapter 12. Jump to the right of the O and open the latch by pulling it to reveal an egg. If you cannot open the latch, reload Chapter 12 and rotate the O again. The position of the latch in Chapter 12 will be the position of the latch in Chapter 23. You must complete Chapter 12 (fall through the class and ride the water hose down) for the changes you made in Chapter 12 to affect Chapter 23.

Chapter 24 Secret Hidden Egg
This egg is only obtainable if you have completed the game with 0 deaths. Once you shatter through the glass, head all the way to the left. Then head right. As you head right, you will see an egg drop to the ground.

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    LIMBO   Secret Hidden Eggs   How To Find Them All

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    1. Posted by Mark on February 11th, 2013, 13:05 [Reply]

      But there’s 1 hidden egg on chapter 1 when you start to wake up, go to the left and you’ll find 1 hidden egg so why is this thread started telling the first egg was on chapter 8? Could it be there’s 12?


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