Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight – Third Echelon Headquarters

Published on April 17th, 2010

There are many different ways to play through . This walkthrough is how we played the game, but there are many other strategies that you could follow. This part of our Walkthrough covers level eight, .

Sam follows the only lead left; 3rd Echelon`s involvement in the plot. He returns to his former agency, penetrates their security and finds two key pieces of information. Meggido is using 3rd Echelon and Black Arrow to take down the current President, and Sam`s old boss, Lambert, faked the death of his daughter to protect Sam –and the agency. Reed initiates a desperate measure to stop Sam: the total destruction of 3rd Echelon HQ.


1-Plant C4 in the garage without being detected
2-Penetrate the security cordon in the confusion of the blast
3-Meet with Grim’s operative to get the sonar goggles
4-Reach Reed’s office in the restricted area to get the details on his plan
5-Interrogate Kobin to know more about Reed’s plan
6-Find Grim’s office and search it for evidence
7-Extract from Third Echelon HQ before its destruction

Starting off in the underground garage you’ll need to avoid detection, keeping out of sight of the surveillance cameras. You’ll have access to all of your gadgets in this level including your sticky camera. Don’t shoot the cameras otherwise you’ll alert the guards. There’s a weapon stash in the back of the car where you start the level so use it to stock up on gadgets or upgrade. You need to plant the C4 in the transformer room. Head down the left hand side of the garage toward the motorbikes until you reach the car. You can set off the car alarm which will alert one of the guards who will come out of his room to investigate. Watch his movements and then perform a hand-to-hand takedown. You’ll get his security pass for your efforts.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight   Third Echelon Headquarters

Death From Above, just one of the many ways to kill enemies

You can climb on top of the roof of the security room just by the bikes and then drop down through the hatch to kill the remaining guard. He’ll drop an M-500 if you want to pick it up. Through the next door into another car park. Watch out for the surveillance cam as soon as you move through the door. Move immediately to the right to avoid it. There are two guards patrolling at the far end, if you’re quick you can run down behind the blue van to take cover. You should be able to sneak up behind both guards and take them down, just time it right so that you avoid the surveillance cams. Enter the transformer room and plant the C4. Then it’s back out onto the car park. If you haven’t killed the two guards then they’ll still be there patrolling. If you move immediately to the left you’ll be in the shadows and you should be able to run down the ramp and take up a cover position by one of the cars. Move down the left hand side. No need to execute the guard here, if you time it right you should be able to sneak through the door at the end into the next transformer room where you can plant the C4.

You now need to make your way to the elevator. Up through the ventilation shaft and into the car park again. Just opposite where you enter the carpark is another surveillance camera. Watch its movement and move to the right toward your objective marker when the coast is clear. Don’t go up the ramp otherwise you’ll alert the guard. Activate the lift and when it stops move toward the 3rd Echelon reception desk. Talk to the receptionist. A cut scene will kick in. Get ready! You’ll only have a certain amount of time to escape before the shutters come down on you and you get caught. Jump over the desk and go straight ahead veering left down the corridor. We recommend that you just run down the corridor toward your objective marker before the shutters come down, take out the guards with your weapon. Follow the objective marker toward the server office, stop just before the corridor veers right.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight   Third Echelon Headquarters

Hand-to-hand takedowns silent but deadly

There are loads of guards in this section. If you go in heavy handed you’ll get overwhelmed. Use cover-to-cover tactics to make your way straight forward across in the office. You can shoot out lights for cover, but make sure you move from your last position otherwise the guards will find you. Now that the lights are off you should be able to take down one or two guards with hand-to-hand takedowns, which therefore gives you the chance to Mark and Execute should you need it. Knock out the light switch at the far end of this office. Move out of the office and take a left, and then left again right at the end. You’ll be moving slowly toward the server room. In the next room there are more guards patrolling. If you move to the wall, which is the first point of cover you can climb up and if you’re feeling brave execute some Death from Above kills on the guards. Alternatively, and an easy way of not getting detected, is to drop remote mines below and wait for the guards to walk past before you detonate. Move down the corridor now that it’s clear and into the first computer room.

If you move straight to the left when you enter you’ll see a guard patrolling with his torch. If you’re quick you’ll immediately be able to sneak up behind him and execute and hand-to-hand takedown. Move toward the end of the room where it says ” Let Vigilance Be Our Sword” and take a right. You’ll see a guard patrolling at the end of this short corridor. Wait for him to move and then follow. He’ll go into the back computer room and look over a balcony giving you the ideal opportunity to sneak up and kill him from behind. Move back toward the corridor that leads to the right. You could mark and execute the two guards, or a Frag or Remote mine in their direction will do the trick. Head toward the objective marker. There’s a security camera in the next room, head down the right hand side to avoid it and move straight through the closed door where you’ll see a big sign saying “Server Office.” Head straight in and talk to the contact.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight   Third Echelon Headquarters

A gun without a sound suppressor will alert other guards

You’ll now get access to some sonar goggles which you can turn up by pressing up on the d-pad. Guards will descend on your position. Move out of the room and stick to the left hand wall. Keep walking and perform a silent takedown on the guard that emerges on your right. Move right to the north side of the room and move across to the East. At the far end they’ll be another guard. Hide around the corner and wait for him to come to you, you should be able to take him down with little effort. You can use frags, emp grenades, sticky camera or remote mines during this section if you want to get past them quickly. Move out of this room and toward the objective marker. If any of the remaining guards spot you, just take them out with head-shots. Move toward the objective marker until it resets.

You’re in another computer room which is being patrolled.You can easily run through this room past guards and trigger a portable EMP to disable them. Head to the end of the room and take a left. Down the next corridor on your right, four guards will be heading your way. They’re grouped together, so a well placed frag will kill them all. You now have a safe passage down the corridor and up the stairs into the Executive office. Use your sonar goggles. The Executive office is booby trapped with sensors only visible when you put them on. Time it right to avoid them. It’s a bit of a maze so take your time and use crouch. You’ll need to time your movements precisely. When you get to the far right hand corner of the office, climb up and over to exit. It’s time to interrogate Kobin. Move into the office and go straight up the stairs until you meet him. Smashing his head through the TV screen is a nice manoeuvre. After the interrogation, there’s a weapon stash directly in front of you.

You’ll have to hold this area until you can move on. So get into cover and wait for the guards to attack. They’re everywhere so it’s best to just use a mix of grenades and bullets to see them off. Kill them and a doorway will open. This is a good time to mark and execute as a new wave of guards attack. Time to move through the corridor, but before you do put on your sonar goggles as there is a lazer trap that you have to navigate. Go through the door on the left and make a run down the centre of the room jumping over the obstacles before you climb up and over a partition. If you do get detected, just carry on. If you can get over the partition you should take cover immediately and the alarms will stop. You need to get to the North East corner of this room. Turn off your sonar goggles for a second, it will make it easier for you to plot your course. Exit the room.

Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight   Third Echelon Headquarters

That'll teach him to stand close to an open window

Head down the corridor toward your objective marker. They’ll be more guards patrolling in the next area, but there are plenty of cover and dark spots to hide. Take a right through the first office doors and you’ll be able to sneak up behind one of them on the balcony. Move back into the office and through the other door. That should put you behind another guard. If you wait he’ll investigate the body of his friend you’ve just killed. Chuck a remote mine his way and detonate it. That will cause all the remaining guards in the building to investigate. You should be able to take these out with a well placed grenade or remote mine. If there are any remaining shoot them with your weapon. There’s a set of stairs just to the right of this office which will take you toward the objective marker.

Head up the stairs and through the offices. Two guards will jump down and take you by surprise. No time for stealth here, just take cover and shoot them with your weapon, or use an EMP grenade to disable them. You’re now free to move into Anna’s office and activate the call. A lengthy cut-scene kicks in. Right, it’s time to extract! Get out there sharpish. Just backtrack the way you came. You’ll come across stiff opposition, but there’s no time for stealth. If you’ve saved up some Mark and Execute moves use them frequently to get rid of the guards. Throw some frags down, and flashbangs will give you a clear path through if you don’t want to stop to shoot. Get to the extraction point. If you’re quick and direct you can just keep running past most of the guards without getting killed. Job done.

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    Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough: Level Eight   Third Echelon Headquarters

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    1. Posted by Plimp on May 24th, 2010, 08:47

      Shit level, it’s nearly impossible on realistic. I fucking hate it when games are a piece of piss then one part of the game is impossible, it’s fucking retarded. Could’ve balanced it out a lot more.

    2. Posted by Bill McGowan on June 16th, 2010, 02:01

      Although I think I would have phrased it a bit differently, I have to agree with Plimp: I LOVE stealth-based games (no wonder I am playing this on the “realistic” mode as well) and after watching this woman crawl under the desk for the 25th time I have to say I am starting to have a little bit of a WTF moment…little too “realistic” considering what you’re doing would be impossible in real life.

    3. Posted by Benschy on September 2nd, 2010, 08:17

      I, again, agree except that the whole game is “a piece of piss”. I can’t even get past the point to get the C4 into electricity place. SHOULD HAVE CHEATS FOR ALL LEVELS!!!!!!

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