LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Complete Walkthrough: 1. Curse Of The Black Pearl – Port Royal

Published on May 18th, 2011

Welcome to the Complete Walkthrough, where you’ll find the solutions to every puzzle you’ll encounter in this swashbuckling adventure. We begin with Chapter 1: Curse Of The and Port Royal.

Part One.
1. Build the big wheel in the centre of the room.

2. Switch your character from Will Turner to Mr. Brown. Mr Brown has a hammer that you can use to fix the broken wheel. Head over to the glowing object and hammer away.

2. Turn the small wheel that you’ve just fixed, which will hoist the large wheel into position.

3. Pick up the carrot on top of the crate and give it to the donkey. Ride the donkey to the centre of the room. You can press your action button to turn the wheel above.

4. When Jack Sparrow arrives attack him. He’s easy to hit just keep tapping away on your action button, but watch out for the bricks he throws at you.

5. Near to the area where Jack springs up onto the beams above, build some wooden boards up against the wall. You can now climb them to get up there.

6. Work your way around the rafters until you reach Jack. Attack him as before.

Part Two
7. Head immediately to the right and pick up the bone that the skeletons drop to the floor. Bring the bone back to the dog near to where this section started.

8. Lead the dog to the far left of the prison corridor. Switch to the Dog and move through the small opening. You can push a table down so that Will Turner can now pick it up.

9. Place the table on the green area and jump on it outside of Jack Sparrow’s cell. This will release him.

10. Change to the dog and dig in the cell in front of where you picked up the bone. You’ll find a wheel.

11. Change back to Will and place the wheel at the far end of the corridor. Both characters can now turn the wheel to escape the prison.

Part Three

12. You can jump on and roll barrels. So jump on and head to the trigger device. Keep moving on the barrel to open the gate.

13. Attack the soldiers. They only require a couple of hits so you should find it easy enough.

14. Use Jack Sparrow’s compass. When you highlight an item, look out for the footprints which show you which way to go. You’ll have to switch between Jack to use the compass, the dog to dig, and then back to Jack or Will to build the object that you find while digging.

15. As soon as you find all objects you can build a platform that allows you to get to the other side.

16. Head to the trigger device with your barrel and roll on it until the gates open.

17. On the beach, put one of the barrels over your head and head inot the water. Head to the cage, which will then rise to the surface.

18. Pick up the small wheel from the deck and then head to the top deck to place it into the device. You can now turn it.

19. Jump up to grab onto the rope and make your way high up the ship. Jump on the grappling rope and slide down to the next ship.

20. Activate the wheel.

For the complete Pirates Of the Caribbean walkthrough check out the official page.

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    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Complete Walkthrough: 1. Curse Of The Black Pearl   Port Royal

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