LEGO Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 4: The Shrieking Shack

Published on July 16th, 2010

Check out this guide for all you need to ensure a safe passage through The .

You’ll now find youself underground, inside the roots of the tree. Keep your Lumos charm equipped as you’ll have to burn through plenty of vines. When you drop down and it seems like there’s no escape, target the vines above you with Lumos and then shoot the red flower. Some platforms made out of leaves will appear adding you to climb up. You now need to look out for anvils. You’ll need to find all three in order to get past this area.

As soon as you see three moving platforms that you have to leap across, just leap on the first one and jump to the left. There’s a hidden area with the first anvil. Use the purple spell on it. To find the next anvil you need to drop down after the third moving platform into the small area. At the next section levitate the two purple balls to plug up the water fountains. This will allow you to get to the next level higher up. Take a left immediately after the water shoots you up to the next area. You’ll find the third anvil here and the path will be clear to continue right.

The next section can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You need to capture that pesky rat that keeps running around. Target the furniture in the room to unsettle the rat. You’ll know where he’s hiding because the furniture will shake (pot, settee, fireplace, armchair, piano, in that order.) You’ll then be able to build a rat trap.

In the final section, once you’ve used the two blocks to get the next platform, you’ll need to find three ingredients to make a potion. To get the cauldron, just use Hermoine’s cat to dig in the area with the paw marks. Shoot the cobweb to the left of the cauldron and then build the skeleton. Shoot the skeleton and you’ll get the first piece for the pot. Plant the seeds behind the cauldron using the purple spell and you’ll get the second ingredient. Finally, shoot the piece on the far left hand side of the row of pieces on the rock wall behind the cauldron and you’ll get the final ingredient. Drink the strength potion and pull the chain, which you’ll find if you backtrack on yourself slightly.

You’ll need to switch to Hermoine and use her cat to dig and then some tiny creatures will build a ladder allowing you to access the next area. Nothing too difficult here, just get rid of the spider threat first before you build a mushroom so you can bounce up to the end of the level.

Next Level – Level 5, Dementor’s Kiss

We’ll be adding to our LEGO guide over the coming weeks, so be sure to check out the main Harry Potter page for more information and to continue the walkthrough.

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    LEGO Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 4: The Shrieking Shack

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