Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough – Twisting Bridge

Published on September 2nd, 2010

Find every red skull, complete every challenge, complete all the puzzle and Challenge Tombs and receive tips for completing by reading our simple to follow game guide.

Level 9 – Twisting Bridge

Score Challenges
Score 190,000 Points
Score 210,000 Points
Score 250,000 Points – Submachine Gun

Reward Challenges
Collect 10 Red Skulls – Serpent Drum
Navigate the Twisting Bridge in 6 minutes or less - Mask of Itzli
Bomb the rolling fire balls – Health Power Up
Knock the shield off a Shield Demon – Ammo Power Up

Travel to the tomb at the end of the canyon.

Move immediately to the right when the level begins and head to the dead end to pick up the first red skull. Go back to where you started. You can take the route to the West and you’ll pick up some extra gems and points from killing enemies which will go toward your Score Challenge. Continue straight ahead down the steps and use the golden grapple ring on the right to lower yourself down to collect the second red skull. Continue forward and jump on the wooden platform where you see the impact switch.

Trigger the switch and jump off to the East to enter the first Challenge Tomb.

Challenge Tomb
You’ll see a pressure pad on the side of the room where you begin and one over the other side. First up, get across to the other side by using the golden grapple ring on the wall to your right. You’ll pick up the third skull while doing this. Now place the rolling ball onto the pressure pad and it will activate some wooden platforms. Use these platforms to jump to the impact switch. Trigger the impact switch and then place a bomb next to it. Don’t set it off just yet. Now go back to the rolling ball and bring it through into the area between the two gates. Now go back out and round to the grappling hook and jump back across to the side where you began. Trigger the bomb and then fetch the rolling ball now that the gate has opened. Finally, place the rolling ball on the pressure pad and you’ll be able to get the Golden Knife of Itzli.

Out of the tomb, get back on the rotating bridge and jump straight across and down the steps. There’s a green shrine here so top up on health if you need to and then pick up the High Power Single Shot Rifle. There’s also a well-hidden red skull in front of the stone pillar. There’s only one way you haven’t been here, so head up the steps, walk onto the pressure pad and move into the building.

You can complete a Reward Challenge in this room for “Knocking the shield off a Shield Demon”.

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough   Twisting Bridge

Use Grenade Launcher Or Heavy Bombs to break the Shield Demon

To do this equip your grenade launcher and fire at him. Normal bombs won’t penetrate the shield but high power ones will. Equip a Stone or Clay Lizard or the War Drum if you have any in your possession to improve the strength of your bombs. But any of these two methods will get the job done. Once you’ve blasted the shields away, you still need to kill the creature. Keep an eye on your ammo in this battle as it’s easy to keep using your secondary weapon rather than switching to the primary one. There are plenty of urns here with ammo and health upgrades in them.

Pull the gold lever in the North West side of the room and quickly jump up the wooden platforms to the top before they retract. When you get to the top you can shimmy back above the area where you just came and pick up the power-up, Ammo Upgrade. Now flick the impact switch to activate two more wooden platforms. Jump across and pull the gold lever. Head back to where you came from and now move through the open gate and up the stairs. You’ll climb up a few slights of stairs here until you reach the next rotating platform.

Jump onto it and then off the other side, stepping on the pressure pad to open the gate. Equip your grenade launcher before you head to the next area, or get ready with your heavy bombs to take down the Shield Demon. There’s a few other enemies to contend with here, but as long as you get rid of the Shield Demon as a priority you should have no problem killing them. Move up the steps, pull the gold handle and move through the doorway.

Jump across the wooden platforms and look out for an impact switch on your right. Trigger it and then jump across the two wooden platforms to retrieve the red skull. Now head back left until you reach the next small platform. To the North West you’ll see an impact switch that you need to trigger so that you can move on. You’ll need to activate that switch again a couple of times so that you can raise platforms to get across to the other side. As soon as you do, look out for the raised platform with another red skull. Keep making your way around the area, hopping across platforms and move up the stone staircase.

Down the other side and you’ll see the second Challenge Room on your left. There’s a red skull on top of the building so use your spears to reach it.

Challenge Room
Time to face the spiked walls again! As you move forward down the corridor watch out for the walls shaking. This is an indication that they’re about to crush you so move backwards or forwards to get out of the way. Use your dodge move to get out to the way quickly. When you reach the end you’ll pick up the Gold Lizard.

Out of the tomb, keep following the path around onto the next rotating platform. Jump straight across and step on the pressure pad to move the platform and open the gate. Head through the gate, down the steps and into the stone building. More wooden platform leaping next! Jump across until you see the first impact switch. Jump onto its platform and trigger it so that you can leap onto the platform behind and grab the red skull. Keep making your way across. You need to trigger the impact switch a few times so that the wooden platforms remain stable. Note – The platform you’re standing on will close when you hit the impact switch so be prepared to stand close to the edge and leap to a stable platform. There’s another red skull here as you make your way across. Jump down from the last wooden platform and you’ll end up in the area where you first fought the Shield Demon.
Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough   Twisting Bridge
You’ll be attacked again here, two Shield Demons this time! Get your grenade launchers/high powered bombs ready here to break their shields. Plenty of ammo and health here to pick up too so break those urns! Go through the archway and up the steps. When you exit the building watch out the regenerating skeletons as you hit the first small flight of steps. Just avoid them and head up to the next large flight of steps and onto the rotating platform. You’ll see the pathway open up for you. Flick the impact switch and then head up the steps and through the gateway.

Keep jumping across the broken bridge and rotating platforms to get to the other side. Every time you stand on a rotating platform you’ll be attacked from all angles, so equip a rapid firing weapon such as the assault rifle. The final red skull can be found on a raised ledge on your left as you head across the bridge. Lara will have to make a huge jump to grab onto the ledge. Climb up and you’ll see it. Now, head across the bridge again to the bottom of the large and steep set of steps. There’s a Reward Challenge available here – “Bomb the rolling fire balls.” You need to walk up the steps which will begin to disappear behind you as TNT barrels explode. Whenever you see a rolling ball that is on fire, try to lay down a bomb and then trigger it as the ball comes past. You must keep moving upwards while doing this otherwise you’ll fall off the stairs. You also need to avoid the path of other rolling balls. Just keep jumping or using your dodge move. Unless you’re getting hit by every ball, you should have more than enough health to make it to the top of the steps in one piece.

Congratulations, you’ve finished the mission!

Stay tuned for more Lara Croft Walkthroughs shortly. If you click on the Lara Croft tag below you can access the official Lara Croft page.


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    Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough   Twisting Bridge

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      In the frist challenge tomb you can also hit the impact switch with your grenade launcher without the help of wooden platforms.

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