Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough – Spider Tomb

Published on August 27th, 2010

Find every red skull, complete every challenge, complete all the puzzle and Challenge Tombs and receive tips for completing by reading our simple to follow game guide.

Level 3 –

Score Challenges
Score 200,000 Points
Score 250,000 Points
Score 290,000 Points

Reward Challenges
Collect 10 Red Skulls – Stone Owl
Extend the bridge in 4 mins or less – Two Arrows of Tezactlipoca
Achieve A Hole In One – Health power-up
12 jumps over the triple trap – Ammo power-up
Defeat Leglion, Queen of all Spiders – Clay Feather

Take the shortcut through the spider tomb

Lots of Spiders in this level, large and small, and they like nothing more than a face full of lead with the assault rifle! The spear is far too slow so make sure you play through the level with pistols or automatic equipped as the primary weapon. Head straight down the stone stairs and into the clearing where you’ll see a gold lever on your right. Before you pull it you’ll be attacked by a cluster of spiders who’ll appear directly in front of you. Keep moving backwards so they can’t get too close and blast away with your assault weapon. They’ll be a couple of huge ones too, but they’re also quite slow so apply the same tactic that you use for the small ones. If you have a Stone Feather in your inventory this is a good level to equip it because you’ll have a little bit more speed to get away from spiders quickly.

You need to pull the handle and use your grapple hook to jump over the gap. The first time you pull it you will be attacked by more spiders so don’t make the jump otherwise you’re likely to fail. Pull the lever and kill the spiders and then pull the lever again and make the jump onto the gold handle with your grapple hook. You’ll only have a limited amount of time to scale the wall so be quick!

Push forward through the doorway and down the steps. As soon as you past the Urn, you’ll get attacked by small spiders. Nothing to worry about here, just blast away. There’s some ammo under the urn if you need it. Keep moving forward. There’s only one way to go here, so you’ll have to use your grapple hook on the gold handle to leap the gap, or you can stick spears in the wall and use them to leap across. Keep moving forward until you see the dangling stone platform. You need to jump onto the ladders attached to the side of the platform. When you do this, part of a bridge below will start to form. You need to find the other dangling stone platforms and leap onto them to complete the bridge so you can exit the level.

Find a path to the bottom of the tomb

Jump off the platform to the east and keep pressing forward. You’ll encounter a few small spiders on the first corner, but you’ll be able to blast them away with little effort. Keep going, over the pressure pad to open the gate and into the room. You’ll get attacked from all angles here, so keep on the move, keep firing and lay down and detonate bomb to disperse the spiders quickly. There’s a couple of big spiders here to contend with too. Smash the urn in the room if you need to and pick up the med-kit.

There’s a rolling ball in this room and to exit through the eastern gate you need to pick it up and place it in the fiery pit so you can leap across safely. When you move the rolling ball you’ll see the first red skull parked up behind it. Press forward, down the slope and to the green health shrine. Stock up on health if you need to and then head to this levels first Challenge Room, situated to the North.

Challenge Tomb
It looks very simple, but it can be tricky. Simply step forward into the centre of the room and pick up the Flamethrower. As soon as you do you’ll be attacked from all angles by spiders big and small. If you want to give yourself a head start, lay down a bomb anywhere in the room but don’t detonate it. Wait until the flood of spiders arrives and then let rip! Keep shooting all the time and keep on the move.

Out of the Challenge Tomb, head down the steps. Small spiders hate fire, so equip your flamethrower! From this point forth, your Flamethrower is great against small spiders, but you’ll struggle to kill ogres or large ones with it. When you see masses of the little critters it’s worth arming yourself with it, but be prepared to switch quickly to another fire-arm when the big boys come along!

You’ll now see a rolling ball attacked to a metal chain spinning around the room. You can achieve a reward challenge here (A hole in one) by blasting the ball directly onto the fiery pit that blocks the exit to the room. This is tricky, but you need to lay down a bomb right in front of the post (the side where the pit stands.) You then need to stand back and detonate it not when the ball is level with the pit, but just before. If you get it wrong the first time you’ll have to replay the level to complete it, but you should learn from your mistake by seeing where the ball lands on impact. This is all about timing. Regardless of whether you get a hole in one or not, you’ll be attacked as soon as you detonate the ball. The flamethrower should make light work of the little critters. As soon as you’ve placed the ball in the fiery hole leap across.

They’ll be a giant ogre waiting for you just around the corner and if you haven’t saw off the entire spider threat from the last room they’ll still be chasing you. The ogre will dish out more damage so take him out first. Keep pressing forward until you see the next dangling stone platform with the ladder. Jump on it and the bridge will extend below you and another dangling platform will appear. Leap across onto firm ground and make sure you take a right (Lara’s Viewpoint) at the end, up the stone steps toward the area where you’ll see three rolling balls spinning. This is called the triple trap.

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough   Spider Tomb

Jump over rolling balls 12 times for achievement

If you can stand in it and jump over the poles 12 times, like you’re jumping over a skipping rope, you’ll unlock a reward challenge. You’ll also notice there are three red skulls up for grabs here. Grab the red skulls first, it doesn’t matter if you get hit. If you die, you’ll just respawn close by. It’s just a matter of timing your jumps so you should soon nab the achievement. When you’ve completed the reward challenge blow up the trap with a bomb, you’ll gain a Clay Feather as reward.

Now head back down the steps and keep pressing forward across the pressure pad and into the room where you’ll see four pressure pads in the centre of the room. Don’t step on a pressure pad for too long or you’ll get spiked. Move across the three empty pads swiftly to collect the gems. You’ll unlock a gate which houses another red skull. Now move out of the room and down the stairs. You’ll now see loads of pressure pads! These too will spike when you stand on them unless you move across quickly. There are four red skulls on the pressure pads. Get these first. Just run across and nab them, making sure you don’t back-track on yourself otherwise you’ll get spiked.

Now it gets tricky. You need to activate all of the pressure pads without getting hurt. For this you’ll open the Challenge Tomb and unlock the “Beat A Better Mousetrap” achievement.

How to unlock Challenge Tomb and gain “Beat A Better Mousetrap achievement.”

Ignore the central pad for the time being. This will open up the gate so you can progress, but first you want to get in the Challenge Tomb and earn the achievement. Start off from the bottom left hand corner. Move right toward the end of the first row and then sweep back to the end of the second row. Hit the two pads above the one in the second row and sweep again to the right along the row. As soon as you get past the central pad you’ll need to come back on yourself. From this point forth, move upward across the pads sweeping left and right to activate them alternatively. When you hit the top of the grid you’ll need to continue that pattern of hitting the pads in twos, but this time in an up and down motion. When you hit the top left hand pad leave the grid temporarily to move down to the trigger the final four pads. All being well, you’ve unlocked the Challenge Tomb!

Challenge Tomb

The artefact, a Stone Lizard, is housed behind a cage on your left as you enter the tomb. To your right are a series of pressure pads. When you stand on them they will spike and kill you unless you run across quickly. When you run across them all, you’ll also open the gate so you can get the artefact. See the wooden board smack bang in front of you? Stick a spear right in the centre and then stick two spears in the left hand wall slightly apart from each other. You should now have three spears so that you can run along the pressure pads, jump in between all three and make your way back to the cage to pick up the treasure.

Exit the tomb and stand on the central pad so that you open the gate. Head through the gate and smash the urns on the way to pick up ammo and health if you need it. Head down the steps and jump over the gap. You’ll see a gold handle on your right. If you grapple onto it and move backwards, lowering yourself down, you’ll grab a health power-up. There’s a few small spiders to contend with here, but nothing that will cause you any problems.

Press forward into the area where you can see the two urns and the pressure pad. Don’t activate the pad yet! See of the spiders and head right down the steps. Here you’ll have to tackle Leglion, Queen of all Spiders. You’ll complete a reward challenge for killing her. It’s not very difficult, just keep moving back away from here and make sure you’re equipped with a heavy fire-arm like your shot-gun or assault rifle to do the most damage. Now, at the bottom of the steps you’ll see three columns. Above the second one is the final red skull. Use the steps behind you to your advantage to plant spears in the column so that you can climb to the top.

Now backtrack up the steps and activate the pressure pad. You need to embed a spear into the rotating object in front of you and leap across. Wait till it starts turning again before leaping off the other side. You can then jump on the final dangling platform to complete the bridge.

Cross the extended bridge and escape the spider tomb

To exit the level across the bridge you need to now head back to where you found the final red skull. Before you do so, go right back to near the beginning of the level to the first dangling platform that you jumped on. When you stand on it, it will lower right down and you’ll see the Scepter of Cihuacoatl. Grab it and make your way back to the bridge, hopping across the other dangling platforms.

When you get to the bridge, a spiky contraption will start rolling toward you. Use your spear to target the TNT barrels on top of it. When you hit them run backwards toward the end of the bridge so that you are dangling off the end. The contraption will miss you and you’ll be free to run across the bridge and to the exit to complete the level. To compete the reward challenge “Extend the bridge in 4 mins or less” try replaying the level now you know which paths to take.

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    Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Walkthrough   Spider Tomb

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