L.A. Noire Walkthrough – Chapter 3: Homicide Cases – 5. The Studio Secretary Murder

Published on June 13th, 2011

Welcome to the complete L.A Noire walkthrough, where we’ll walk you through every head-scratching mystery, show you where to find all the clues, tell who’s lying and telling the truth and help you solve every grisly murder.

The first batch of cases you need to solve before you move up ranks to the Vice Desk is the Homicide Desk Cases. This is the fifth case: The Studio Secretary Murder.

Inspect the pawned rings and you’ll gain some insight, but no clues that are relevant to this case in particular.

Clue- Vagrancy
Examine the victim’s head and tilt it. You’ll catch the unmistakable smell of alcohol and all around poor hygiene.

Clue- Missing ring; Clue- Time of death
Examine the victim’s right hand. A ring was violently ripped off. You also get the time of death, no later than 2 AM.

Clue- Handbag
Look in the handbag on the yellow tarp by the victim and you’ll discover the upper half of a torn letter. You’ll also find an id card. The victim, Evelyn Summers, worked at a movie lot.

Location- Mensch’s Bar; Location- Levine’s liquor store
Examine the matchbook and the list of items. They’re both next to the handbag.

John Ferdinand Jamison
Talking to Jamison gets you a new clue, Lipstick, found near the victim’s handbag.

Interference with evidence- Truth

Discovery of victim’s body- Doubt

Levine’s Liquor Store

Clue- Book
On the ground next to her bed, when you get back there. Open it up to get a
new P.O.I., Grosvenor McCaffrey.

Location- Rawling’s Bowling Alley
There’s a bowling pin in the corner of the “room”. Examine it to read the logo.There’s a couple of other items here that offer insight.

Contact with victim- Truth; You get a new clue- the victim purchased liquor for a boy.

Relationship with victim- Truth

Knowledge of McCaffrey- Doubt

Rawling’s Bowling Alley

P.O.I.- James Tiernan
Enter the bowling alley. You’ll talk with the lady working the counter. She informs you of the victim’s relationship with James Tiernan. You’ll then see him run through the door to the left of the bowling lanes. Follow him and you’ll have to chase him down in a car.

Mensch’s Bar
Grosvenor McCaffrey

Criminal history- Doubt

Relationship with victim- Lie; Use the book to prove the lie. You also get a new clue- the victim was last seen with Tiernan.

Central Police Station
You’ll need to head back downstairs when you get there. No more Dahlia letters, but there are some concerns about the rising body count. It also turns out that Theresa Teraldsen, your victim from the previous case, did have a message scratched into her that read “Cunt BD”. Nothing to do about it now, so go back upstairs and use a phone to get Grosvenor McCaffrey’s address.

McCaffrey’s Apartment
Clue- Torn letter
Look on the desk against the wall, by the couch and the coffee table. On the right side you’ll find the bottom half of the torn letter found in the victim’s handbag.

Clue- Tire iron
Look on the floor by the desk and the couch to find a bloody tire iron and a bloody shirt.

Go up to the roof and chase McCaffrey down to the ground. Keep chasing him
until you can tackle him

Central Police Station
James Tiernan

Relationship with victim- Lie; Use the victim last seen evidence to prove the lie.

Victim’s book found- Doubt

Alibi for James Tiernan- Lie; Use the liquor purchase to prove the lie.

Access to murder weapon- Doubt; You’ll get Tiernan’s accusation as a clue.

Grosvenor McCaffrey
Alibi for McCaffrey- Lie; Use the torn letter to prove the lie.

Access to tire iron- Lie; Use Tiernan’s accusation to prove the lie. You’ll get McCaffrey’s accusation as a clue. After you finish interrogating McCaffrey, use the phone to get his criminal record.

James Tiernan
Events prior to murder- Lie; Use McCaffrey’s accusation to prove the lie.

Grosvenor McCaffrey
Military service- Lie; Use McCaffrey’s criminal record to prove the lie. He practically confesses to the crime, but you can still choose to charge Tiernan instead, if you want. Charging either one closes the case.

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    L.A. Noire Walkthrough   Chapter 3: Homicide Cases   5. The Studio Secretary Murder

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