L.A. Noire Walkthrough – Chapter 3: Homicide Cases – 1. The Red Lipstick Murder

Published on June 7th, 2011

Welcome to the complete L.A Noire walkthrough, where we’ll walk you through every head-scratching mystery, show you where to find all the clues, tell who’s lying and telling the truth and help you solve every grisly murder.

The first batch of cases you need to solve before you move up ranks to the Vice Desk is the Desk Cases. This is the first case: The Red Lipstick Murders.

Crime Scene
Clue- Size 8 shoe prints
There are shoe prints all over the place. You’ll notice one of them has some white stuff around it. A cast has been made of it. Examine it and you’ll find that the prints were caused by a size 8 men’s shoe.

Clue- Blunt force trauma
Examine the victim’s head. Turn it so you can see the right side and you’ll
gather this clue.

Clue- Missing jewelry
Examine the victim’s left hand. Turn it and you’ll notice a ring has beenviolently ripped off.

Clue- Writing on body
Examine the victim’s stomach. The writing, in lipstick, says “Fuck you BD” and “Tex”.

Clue- Lipstick
Find the handbag laying on the ground near the victim. It’s next to a hairbrush. Open it and further examine the lipstick inside. It hasn’t been used, which means the killer must’ve brought some of his own.

Clue- Bamba Club lighter
Look on the ground closer to the bench. You’ll find a globe. Move the pieces around so that they make North and South America. The globe will open, revealing a lighter and the Bamba Club marking/address.

The Bamba Club

Suspect seen with victim- Truth; You get the license plate of the car the victim left in- 2B8899. You also get an achievement. You’ll need to use the phone to get info on the plate.

Ring stolen from victim- Doubt

Knowledge of husband- Doubt; You also get a new clue- the husband’s alibi. He wasn’t home, it would seem.

Henry Residence
On the ground in front of the cabinet just after you enter.

Clue- Female shoe
On the floor in the dining room. Tilt it and you’ll find that it’s a size 9 shoe.

Clue- Missing jewelry
More of an update to the same clue. Look on the dresser in the bedroom fora ring box. Open it up. There’s nothing inside. You can also look at the picture next to it. It’s not a clue, but it gives you a good look at the ring.It’s pretty distinct.

Location- Jacob Henry’s apartment
Look at the note on the refrigerator.

Clue- Forced entry
Check the window next do the back door. It’s been broken.

Clue- Marital problems
Go out the back door and turn left. You’ll need to talk to the neighbor at thenext house. Enter the yard and she should drive up.

Jacob Henry’s Apartment
Clue- Death threat note
Look on the cabinet in the kitchen with the phone on it for a notepad. You can
use the pencil to shade the paper, revealing what was written on top of it.

Clue- Size 11 shoes
In the bedroom, look in the open suitcase on the bed. Tilt the shoe to get a look at the size on the bottom. Not a match to the shoe prints at the crime scene, that’s for sure.

Jacob Henry
Movements of victim- Lie; Use the Bamba Club lighter to prove the lie.

Last contact with victim- Truth

Motive for murder- Lie; Use the death threat note to prove the lie.

Henry puts up a fight after the questioning. Punch him a few times to subduehim. Use the phone to get some people to pick up the Henry. You’ll also hearfrom the coroner, who lets you know that a socket wrench was used to bashCeline Henry’s skull in. She was also sexually abused. Finally, you get a new
P.O.I., Alonzo Mendez, the owner of the vehicle that the victim got into.

Central Police Station

Jacob Henry
Access to murder weapon- Lie; Use the husband’s alibi to prove the lie.

Lipstick markings- Truth

Deterioration of marriage- Lie; Use the marital problems to prove the lie.

Missing jewelry- Truth

Mendez’s Apartment
Mendez is in apartment 16. It’s the very last door on the top floor.

Clue- Size 8 shoes
Look in the bedroom. There’s a shoe laying by the bed. It’s a size 8, same size as the shoe prints at the crime scene.

Clue- Used lipstick
Look in the box on the bedroom floor with all the blood in it. The lipstick has definitely been worn down, and with force.

Clue- Socket wrench
Laying in the box next to the lipstick.

Mendez will come into the apartment after you examine these items. Chase himout of the window onto the rooftops. Once he gets back on the ground, he’ll get into a car. Drive after him. Try to get on his left side and your partner will try to shoot out his tires, making it a whole lot easier to stop him. Catch him to close this case up.

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    L.A. Noire Walkthrough   Chapter 3: Homicide Cases   1. The Red Lipstick Murder

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