Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Battle Guide – 04: Cerberus

Published on January 18th, 2011

Our complete guide to Re:Coded continues. In this section, we cover the third against . Check out these tips for defeating him.

Cerberus is is a three-headed hellhound who guards the Underworld. His heads are identical to each other, each sporting the same enormous mouths, pink tongues, and long, sharp teeth. All three heads also feature glowing red eyes. Cerberus’s legs are rather short, and each ends in a paw with three grey claws. He also has a thin tail and seems to be quite muscular.

How To Beat Cerberus
Note – You need Cloud for this battle. If you haven’t got him already, you’re going to need to re-start the section and find him in the coliseum on level 4.

Stock up your command deck with Cure abilities because you’re going to need them. Use defense initally and then watch out for his triple chomp. When he attacks you, press Y to block the attacks. Keep an eye on the health of your party and joint heal them whenever you need to. In between his attacks, make sure you attack him with everything you’ve got. A normal attack combo is the most effective way of dealing with him. Make sure you block when he attacks and cure when you need to. Watch out for the Firaga ball that he launches at you. It comes at you very quickly so be ready to block.

Defeating Cerberus isn’t just about attacking. It’s about timing your blocks perfectly and making sure you cure your team when their health is low. You will kill him if you’re patient and keep hitting away, but the big danger is you dying before you do so. Just spend the time in between his attacks, bombarding the dog with your three characters and you need to, use the Regen License to make sure Data-Sora doesn’t die. Defense is more important than attack in this case.

Credit to Kingdom Hearts wiki for the description of Cerberus.

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    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded   Boss Battle Guide   04: Cerberus

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    1. Posted by Danny on January 19th, 2011, 23:08

      How do I restart the world? When I go to the map it just says return. There’s no restart option.

      • Posted by Simon Williamson on January 20th, 2011, 06:56

        You need to go back to a previous save point. So try looking at the load option. It’s a real pain!

    2. Posted by ryan on February 26th, 2011, 17:11

      Where do you find load options

    3. Posted by quietgirl on December 23rd, 2012, 01:38

      Where can I find load options????

    4. Posted by marcus on August 7th, 2013, 22:12

      you do not need cloud.

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