Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep – Boss Battle: The Wheel Master

Published on September 20th, 2010

You’ll encounter in the Enchanted Dominion and unless you have your wits about you this giant spinning machine will eat you for breakfast. Check out this guide on how to beat !

This is one of the first boss battles you’ll face and a great chance to become more acquainted with all of your new found powers that you’ve accumulated thus far. Along with Command Styles and Shotlocks, you can also use the D-Link ability in this battle to switch into the body of another character and use their powers. You’ll also gain full health again if you use the D-Link ability. However, it’s also worth equipping a potion in your Command Deck just in case you need to regain health quickly.

The Wheel Master has a Wheel and Spindle which you can lock-onto and attack separately which will halt some of his attacks. He begins his attack by firing an energy beam from his spindle arm. You can Guard against this easily enough, but even if you get hit you simply have to tap the Circle button rapidly to escape.

Watch out for the Wheel Master when he jumps in the air. When he does this you should jump in the air just before he lands to avoid his Shockwave attack.

Also watch out for the spinning wheel coming your way. You can slide out of the way to avoid it.

Following each of your attacks the Wheel Master will pause for breathe. You should attack the Wheel Master during these periods. Use Shotlock (L+R) if your Focus Gauge is full, or get in close and use jump attacks to pummel him.

When The Wheel Master starts to glow purple he will attack you by lunging at you. You can slide to avoid him or use Block. Note: The Block attack only lasts for a short amount of time so you’re timing will have to be perfect.

Remember you can D-Link to another character if you’re struggling and you can use your potion to heal.

Tip: Always stay facing the Wheel Master, otherwise he’ll cause damage and you won’t be able to block. Avoid his attacks, then attack yourself and repeat the process. The Wheel Master will continue to pull off the attacks mentioned above in a random order until either you’re dead or he is.

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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep   Boss Battle: The Wheel Master

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